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Here’s my issue:  I cannot believe anything the ‘press’ or the ‘administration’ have to say.  Due to the latest ‘unbelievable’ polls of recent past (Biden’s word), the scuttlebutt has been that the Democrats need to reverse course in order to not be obliterated in the midterms.  Some pundits have even recommended that Biden fire ALL of his administration, laden with far left unthinkers as it is.  The thought was that even Biden has been ‘dragged’ too far left for his party to survive…hence the low approval rating.  I think we might be seeing some of the reversal now. 

Step one: Make Covid okay.  Well we see that happening, right?  I just saw a CDC report that unvaccinated people who have had Covid are as safe as vaccinated people who have not had the virus AND that getting a ‘vaccine’ after having had the actual virus makes zero difference.  Zip.  Duh.  Do you remember when I asked you when was the last time you had a polio ‘booster’?  That was months ago.

Step two:  If Biden becomes a warmonger, even under the guise of ‘saving the sovereignty and protecting the borders’ of Ukraine, then he has the ‘optics’ of being a strong, good guy.  But we all know our own borders are wide open and our own sovereignty gets no attention.  So I don’t buy that.  Sovereignty and borders do not matter to this administration, and certainly did not matter about Ukraine when Biden decided to bypass them with regard to the pipeline.  Does it make sense for Biden to destroy Ukraine’s financial strength and then run in to protect their borders?  Not to me.  But then I used the word ‘sense’.

Then…it is in the interest of Biden and his cronies, for things to remain as they are: the oil pipeline no longer goes through Ukraine, Russia is making tons of money (much of it ours by rights), and China is purring like a well fed kitten right now.  Russia is happy to be at ‘Biden peace’.  Nobody even gives Biden a glance.  And China surely loves having Biden, the puppet man in the white house.  Biden has served up America’s wellbeing on a silver platter to both Russia and China, particularly China.  So I don’t buy their posturing either.  It is far less expensive for both of those countries to keep Biden right on the course he is on.  And they may have to help him suddenly look strong; in other words I think there’s a plan here folks and war is not one of them.  I think ‘brinkmanship’ is at play and I think it’s a plan and I think all of the players are in on it…because Covid isn’t working anymore.   It is in Biden’s interest to ACT like he’s flexing flaccid aged skin.  Muscles are surely gone.  This would be a turnaround from his shrinking violet actions of the last year, while he did all he could to destroy our economy.

Yes, war is usually lucrative, a real money maker and a fantastic red herring.  But it’s not going to be lucrative for Democrats to ruin our economy and then put more of our young men in danger of death at war.  That’ll go over like a turd in the punchbowl.  Killing and abandoning more of our strong young men is NOT an option in the minds of most Americans.  Send Biden over there with a gun.  Let’s see how that goes. Or send HIS son.  Right now I’m wondering how Biden or his son would be received over there.

On the other hand, I have said for oh, about a year, that if another country did not try to conquer America now, they never will.  We are a weak laughingstock. But would China let Russia take America?  Would Russia let China have us?  Not seeing that one fly, either way.  As of now, they own us anyway.  Why mess up the democrats’ euphoria and a good thing for the other superpowers?  As of now we work for them, both of them.

Biden knows we don’t have the military might to divide our troops between Europe and Asia.  Our so called military ‘leaders’ know that too.  Doesn’t make sense. There’s that ‘sense’ word again.  

Brinkmanship.  That’s my prediction.  I remember Kennedy pulling off one similar to this.  Brink of nuclear war.  Kennedy stopped it.  History is still talking about it.

Let’s see what happens.  I’m not losing any sleep until the first missiles fly into America.  And I do not see that happening.  I think Biden is stumbling through an incoherent ‘victory’ speech right now, but he can’t remember what it’s for.  Seems like he’s following the playbook though.  Or rather he’s being pushed through it by his puppet masters, smiling with the creepy Chucky smile all the way.

I have a pentagon talking head on TV now.  Loaded with wiggle words: If, in the event, possible, it does not mean, if there’s a need, heightened alert….I HATE that. Wiggle words. Yeah, ‘heightened alert’.  Bullshit all around. This is the democrats trying to give themselves CPR.  Tell us something DEFINITIVE and stop rattling plastic sabres.  In a few days Biden will announce that he has saved the day.


Turning the Ship Around and other Political Games

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Once again, Elon Musk got it right, WAY long time ago.  He said, essentially that anyone dying with Covid was counted as a Covid death.  WITH Covid.  An example was a cancer death of a patient with Covid was counted as a death caused by Covid. So the numbers were skewed radically upward, I think deliberately. Another example he cited: If a diver is eaten by a shark and his arm is recovered and found to have the Covid virus, HIS death by a shark attack would be counted as a Covid death.  Why?  Well that’s the billion dollar question, isn’t it? Except that the number is billionS…plural.  And come on, we ALL know that is going on.  We all KNOW it. 

Was Covid used for money purposes?  Yep, Think NY and think nursing homes.  Who got arrested for that?  OH WAIT, NOBODY!

See, politicians all over the world have figured out how gullible and unintelligent the masses are (present company excepted of course), and as a natural progression of politicians, they figured out how to equate that knowledge to dollars in the bank.  Theirs, not yours.  Picture a hand reeeaaaaching toward your pocket with little pinkie extended, picking your pocket of the folding money.  That is how you should ALWAYS view politicians.  Read that last sentence again.  That is WHY I keep begging the population to do some independent thinking!  I saw a very bright gentleman on Youtube talk about how they USED to tell students to put on their “thinking caps”, and then give them a fun problem to solve that involved using logic and reasoning.  It made me remember those times.  They were fun and they taught the concept of both critical thinking and also of listening to other perspectives to round out the pool of information needed to draw a good conclusion. It taught us to look at reality, and while we had feelings about things, to NOT use those feelings to exclude facts.  Wow, what a concept.

Like this: I get pissed at tax time every year.  But I pay my taxes on time, every time, because, taxes are used for good things…like roads and bridges and infrastructure, and for Pelosi’s bank account.  Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.  And Covid test kits.  Get that?  They are NOT free.  I paid for them and YOU paid for them.

RABBIT TRAIL WARNING:  Why is it okay for politicians to participate in insider trading and it’s a crime for everybody else?  People! They rub this shit in our FACES.

And NOW they say, “You either believe this or you will be punished”.  AND IT IS WORKING, which reminds me of a SCIENCE article I read in one of my SCIENTIFIC magazines while I was a SCIENTIST, which said that the human population would breed itself out of existence because the most intelligent ones of society were not having babies; they were working in SCIENCE and ENGINEERING jobs, and once upon a time, TEACHING.  So, the article said, eventually humans would be too stupid to come in out of the rain.  I laughed at that article, but I BELIEVED it.  And now, that rain is nuclear.  I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN IN MY LIFETIME.  And I’m pissed.

That’s what politicians are doing to the masses.  

I used to get raging mad, but now I just say, “Ah, not doing that.”  This is still America after all, and I’ve never been to jail.  Nope, not doing that.   By the way I had Covid, the FIRST round, and I never went to the hospital nor a doctor…which could be why I am still alive.  See, I just can’t get past the numbers of people who die after going TO the hospital, versus the ones who stay alive by NOT going to the hospital.  But again, I digress.  This is how my brain works, folks.  I say, “Hmmmm” a lot.  Then I say, “Ah, not doing that.”  hahaha.

BTW while I had Covid, I kept thinking about the great antibodies I’d have when it was all over.  My friend and I had Covid at the same time; neither of us went to a hospital; both of us still alive.  Data points, folks, data points.

Covid has become a BUSINESS that puts big bucks into someone’s pocket, but not mine.  See I don’t like that.  There’s that hand reaching for my cash again.  WHO IS GETTING RICH BECAUSE OF A DEADLY PANDEMIC??  Well, maybe the ones who caused it, the ones who funded it.  Remember the guy who raised the price of epi-pens to astronomical levels and laughed about it?  THEY SENT HIM TO JAIL.  They sent him to jail while THEY were doing the same shit to the masses.  Difference? That little asshole was not a politician.  You cannot make up this stuff people.  The worst part?  People burn shit down to support the criminals! Why?  Money. They get paid to do it.

If the politicians can force us into masks all the time, masks will cost so much that they will be stolen as fast as Nike shoes. This is our country now, folks.  Ya better look at who’s getting rich because you just follow the herd you’ve always followed.  And if you are one of the ones getting paid to burn the cities YOUR tax dollars built, I hope you have not reproduced yourself.  Wait.  You don’t pay taxes.

BUT.  Stay with me now; you know how I am about rabbit trails.

The ship is beginning to turn around.  What ship?! you might ask.  Well, the Covid ship, my friends.  I’ve seen the first signs of the new ‘mantra’, which is that ah, maybe politicians need to loosen up the bonds.  Just heard that England is removing ALL Covid restrictions by March. hahaha.  So do you think they suddenly decided that it is okay for people to just die in the streets?  NO!  Do they know that if you leave the people alone, WE will handle it?  No! And we will develop herd immunity?  No!  Now bear with me.  I’m not a monster, but I DO believe in natural selection.  I’ll leave it at that and 20% of you will get it.  

The ship is turning because the masses are finally getting pissed at the politicians and scaring them into ‘retirement’.  HAHAHA.  I’m laughing my ass off.  Now we’re moving from ‘pandemic’ to ‘endemic’ and you will hear that over and over and over by the talking heads who never have an original thought, but rather read the note that says, “You will say this, or else!”  If you watch propaganda, you will start to hear about loosening mandates, about it being okay to go to work and school. Wait for it.  It’s coming.

I saw a very recent publication (ship turning) say that actual antibodies are far more effective than the jabs.  Well duh!  I just shake my HEAD and lmao.  OH my God, what the HELL is going on when you have to keep getting boosted and boosted and boosted and it STILL doesn’t work?  Answer?  MONEY, MY HERD FRIENDS.  MONEY!!  Not ours, THEIRS.  Ex: Fauci.  But the worst part?  The masses believe it. Again, I cite the ‘breeding’ article.  That was in Scientific American if you want to track it down.

Okay, deep breath.  And for the masses: Trigger warning.  The ‘vaccine’ makes the symptoms less severe’.  Okay, prove it.  I’m saying that the symptoms are less severe because the virus is less severe.  PROVE ME WRONG.  You can’t.  And if you believe that this so called vaccine that doesn’t work is why you’re not seeing as many deaths, then you do NOT understand science.  You cannot just say, “Look! Fewer hospitalizations!” and say it’s because of a ‘vaccine’.  You cannot.  Why?  Because the virus is less virulent.  The virus is less virulent.  The virus is less virulent.  If you don’t believe me, prove me wrong.  I’ll wait.

So watch for the turning ship.  A particular group of politicians are quaking in their Crocs, worrying about choosing between ‘retiring’ or ‘getting fired’. hahaha.  So the handcuffs will be loosened and eventually removed, because politicians love their power.  So also watch for the next thing to incite us or instill fear.  It’s coming and you can take that to the bank. Theirs, not yours.

And listen, I know people died, may of whom had other serious health issues, and many of those issues were undetected until they went, uh oh, to the hospital.  If perfectly healthy, strong people died after ‘intubation’, I’d be poring over those records.  Wait, you won’t be able to find them.  But if there were no underlying conditions on board to exacerbate the virus, I’d be very suspicious.  Somebody had to graduate at the bottom of the class and still get to be a doctor.  And I wonder why a virus that is an inflammatory respiratory entity would be handled by shoving a tube down the throat, causing more inflammation, while stubbornly refusing to use anti-inflammatory drugs…is even considered.  In other words, if these people worked in my lab, they’d be fired.  Period.  Why?  No logic AT ALL.  

You know there’s a thing called ‘groupthink’, where one single idea is put forth and everybody jumps on board with that one, to the exclusion of other, BETTER ideas that never made it to the table.  Or in this case, were shoved OFF of the table for political purposes.  Premature evaluation.  There were better courses of treatment for Covid, not allowed to be used under pain of being fired, for political reasons.  If your loved one died because of that little despicable rule?  Lawyer, lawyer, lawyer.

The good news is that the ship is turning.  In an odd and twisted way, I am enjoying watching how America’s crooked politicians and ‘scientists’ are writhing in fear while systematically destroying my country.  I always said that as I die, I will be analyzing the situation.  It’s how my brain works, and I am pretty good at looking ahead at what the ship will do.  It’s not a good thing, what is happening to ‘society’, but the ship is turning because everybody, even the city burning, crooked big mouth, non tax paying smooth brains, have to pay more for food and gas because of this shit.  Watch with me, to see what the idiots will come up with next.  



Regarding Lady Colin Campbell

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Not that anyone really cares, but I rarely watch mainstream television anymore.  I watch YouTube almost exclusively.  I can’t even recall how many channels I follow; there are a LOT of great presenters out there, who have no political agenda and who are not interested in propaganda or spinning me into high stress.  You know, stress ACTUALLY kills.  It nukes your immune system for one thing, and it pushes you into depression or anger many times.  So I view anybody trying to push stress into my life as someone endangering my life.  When you see ratings tanking all over the place (media channels), I’m one of the reasons, proudly.  And as if you don’t already know this:  You cannot trust ANYTHING the mainstream media talking heads say.  They are all bought and paid for by one corporation or another.  Going forward, it will be big pharma, broadcasting and deciding what you can watch, and planting DRUG JINGLES into your head at an even higher clip.  Could you ever IMAGINE that people would be humming DRUG SONGS??  

Years ago, I read, in a scientific publication, that the human race would breed itself out of intelligence such that the population would be too dumb to come in out of the rain.  Look around you.  It’s true.

The way pharma has taken over our society chaps my butt.  Mainly because it shows how stupid humanity are, how easily manipulated…mostly happily…people are.  How many drug addicts do we ACTUALLY have in America?  I think the numbers are orders of magnitude higher than what you might think.  And my old rock and roll songs are being used to entice people to take pills that damage their bodies.  And people DO IT.  I knew someone once who took pills…PAID for them…and the bottle said (kid you not) “for aching and feeling bad”.  Bet they tasted sweet going down.  And my rock and roll songs have been corrupted.  Hate that.

I knew we were in trouble decades ago, when someone decided that pointing with your index finger during presentations was bad, and that pointing with a nub (bent finger) was better.  THAT ridiculous idea took off like wildfire and it was at that time I knew we were both doomed and stupid as a society.  It was the beginning of the “don’t hurt my feelings” movement.

So.  I surf around on YouTube, many times looking up how to install a storm door or how to put up one of the glass-encased blinds that fit over existing glass doors.  It’s all there.  All I have to do is select the presenter I like the most, and who understands I may or may not have all of the right tools…and off I go.  And many times I wander down the rabbit trail (you know me) and I stumble across other types of channels that are of interest not related to murder-murder-kill-kill or DIY.  One of those channels is Lady Colin Campbell’s.

The first thing I noted about her was her absolute COMMAND of the English language.  The woman is a juggernaut in the world of the spoken word.  Heck, I have to keep a dictionary app open to watch her.  The other day, she ranted about people in media who insist on saying things like “It was a great outing for Mommy and I”.  That makes my HEAD explode. It is supposed to be Mommy and ME.  I learned that in third grade, for crying out loud.  Lady Campbell is the only person I’ve encountered who both knows and also is insulted by incorrect use of that type of phrase.  Most people just say the phrase with “I” at the end because they don’t know that they don’t know.  And if you look carefully at me, you can see smoke coming out of my ears when these people call themselves “journalists”.  Get off of my TV if you never cared to learn English grammar. And yes, if you say “Mommy and I went to the mall”, yes that’s correct.  If this confuses you, how about looking up that part of grammar?  How to tell which word to use is really very easy if you care to investigate.

Anyway, Lady Campbell is British, and she talks about all things royal.  She’s also an accomplished author and she gets right into the Brit gossip as well.  You know Harry and Megan are pushing into media these days (It’s not going well), and Lady Campbell talks about that a lot.  She talks about it because she’s offended that the “Markles” are trying to bring down the monarchy, as she says.  She is offended by an American spoiled actor going to her country and trying to break all of the china in the shop. It’s like a global temper tantrum and amazing to watch the antics.  It’s amazing in the same way we look at cancer cells in a microscope: Fascinating, but not good.

I don’t blame Lady Campbell for being mad.  When Megan married Harry, I said, “This is going to be a disaster.”  Why?  Because I could see coming, from hundreds of miles away, a clash between the stiff upper lip crowd and the spoiled, self aggrandized actor.  I knew Megan would want to be ‘queen’ and I also knew that was never gonna happen.  And why WOULD it never happen?  Because England is not America, that’s why.

I’m team stiff upper lip.  I’ve had enough of the pretenders thinking that being able to pretend for a living somehow makes them the oracle for all things sensible.  Many of them seem to forget that the very media into which they submerge themselves allows us to actually look into their history.  For example, we know whether or not you attended a school for wealthy, privileged children. And that hurts your story of how poor you were, growing up, if you attended one.  And the outcome is that you are labeled a liar if you claim to have been poverty stricken, yet you were actually wealthy.  Uh oh.  Lady Campbell points out the contradictions.  If you have the data, you can know the truth.  I like truth.  

Why do I care about the Brits?  Because I’m looking for something resembling sanity.  I can’t find it in America anymore.  For now.

And I don’t often get into ‘gossip’ channels, but sometimes they’re like having a friend over ‘for tea’ and just having a chat…like a channel run by “River”.  He’s adorable, funny, and he calls his viewers “My Dears”.  I love watching him and he makes me laugh.  Sometimes he talks about news, sometimes the royals, sometimes just stuff, and always he is entertaining.  I laugh out loud a lot while watching him.  And then I watch “Crime Talk” and “Its a Crime” and “Michelle After Dark” and others in that genre, to follow the criminal investigations across America.  In other words, you can find what you want on YouTube.  And you remove viewership from mainstream media, whom I would love to see fall flat and broke for what they’ve done to our country.  Yeah, it takes dummies to swallow the garbage they throw out in order for the agenda to work.  Do you get what I’m saying here?  Cancerous tumors get removed so the good cells have a chance.

Anyway, an amazing phenomenon that’s happening every day, is that ‘web sleuths’, mostly YouTubers, are contributing to solving crimes in a BIG way.  Think about all of the good minds in the world, following crime updates, and collectively figuring out how things happened AND getting out there finding evidence.  It was a YouTuber who tripped the trigger to finding Gabby Petito’s body (rest in peace, Gabby), and I believe it will be YouTubers who will be instrumental in solving the heinous murders of Kylan and Crystal in Moab.  There are MANY crimes being solved by people like you and me, all over the world.  Do some people get it wrong at times?  Yes, but we back up, reset and keep going.  We throw out the bad info and keep going. You can’t run from the internet.

So yeah, YouTube.  Now it isn’t perfect.  People are getting their videos flagged and put in solitary confinement for saying shit the ‘mods’ don’t like.  See, that is the danger of ‘trusting’ someone to keep the “bad” stuff out.  

Define bad.  

See what I mean?  Bad has 8 billion definitions, but it is the ONE person looking at that video who gets to flag it and keep it from us. It is their particular definition of bad that censors the video.

Bad is pancreatic cancer.  Bad is financial ruin.  Bad is the actual pedophiles preying on children.  But NEWS ABOUT these things is crucial for survival.  Just because the word pedophile makes you cringe (makes me want to kill somebody) doesn’t mean we don’t need to know where these snakes are.  So presenters are having to make up acronyms (oh my GOD) to keep from hurting that one person’s feelings.  See how stupid this is?  First amendment, folks.  First amendment.  Curse words can be ignored.  Anyone can click off of a channel, unsubscribe, turn off the computer!  But you wouldn’t know it.

So for now YouTube hasn’t been ruined.  It will be eventually, but for now, it is my go-to.

Have a great day folks.. 


“FLU SEASON” and the power of fear


I attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington for most of the 90’s, attending classes for my BS in Chemistry while I worked a full time job. During those years, each year, starting in October,  ‘the flu’ would rage through both the university and the corporation where I worked, with people certain to fall out of step for a few days while recovering.  SOMETIMES that ‘flu’ led to bronchitis.  In my case, it did every time.  So, when flu season arrived, I was always livid because I knew I’d be down for about a week.  But wait for it…I did not die.  Neither did any of my colleagues at work nor fellow students at UNC-W.

Don’t get me wrong, I was PISSED.  I don’t like being sick and I HATE going to a doctor.  ANY doctor.  I am a well and strong person and I like it that way.  I have things to do that a red nose and scratchy cough interfere with.  It made me angry that people would attend wherever without even covering his/her mouth while coughing.  But the point is, that bug spread like CRAZY until it burned through everyone, and then we went on with life.  There were no fear crazed bug-eyes above masks that don’t work anyway, no cowering in closets fearing death.  No.  We got our brief cases, book bags, tools, whatever, and walked into the venue knowing we were going to be struck down at some point and BIG DEAL.   No whining, no spitting, no cowards.  If we got sick we went to bed, and then we got up when we felt better and went back to work.  Oh, and shedding?  NOBODY talked about shedding and carrying.  You shed ALL the time, my friend.  ALL the time.  You should read about how much of yourself you leave behind you…all the time.  You will be amazed.  

I had Covid.  The ORIGINAL Covid and aside from the length of the chronic fatigue, it was no worse than some flu viruses I’ve had that DID seem to want to take me out.  I didn’t go to the doctor nor God forbid to the hospital.  I did not die. I’m one of the ‘long haulers’ in fact, slowly coming back to where I was before.  I get winded a bit more easily but getting better by degrees.  Here’s a surprise for you:  no intubation, no crying, no wailing and gnashing of teeth.  I don’t put chemicals into my body that are often guaranteed to take me out.  God, how hard is THAT to figure out?  

Let me just pull into the turn-out for a second:  I had a kidney stone.  I RAN to the doctor and took LOTS of pills until the stone passed.  I took pain meds AND antibiotics.  So I do have my limits, just so you know.  It takes surgery or a kidney stone to get synthetic chemicals into my body.  I’ll eat an ELEPHANT if I get a kidney stone.  Now back to the rant. Hahaha.

YES I KNOW there are at-risk people.  I get that.  What I will NEVER understand is how this nation of strength became populated with cowards who are incredibly easily manipulated.  Never would I have believed we would become a nation so afraid of our shadows that our doctor appointments are our SOCIAL calendar, and we’re so afraid that we think we’re not supposed to feel pain when have a bruise.  I’m glad my father, a war veteran, is not alive to see this cesspool this county has become.

Remember I said I was pursuing a chemistry degree? Well that means I’m data driven.  That means I know that this latest strain of covid is like a really bad cold…it’s like bronchitis.  Okay.  Still not bug eyed running for the closet to hide.  And hello, the ‘flu’ goes around every year.  Remember H1N1?  It killed a friend of mine.  BTW no fear mongering about THAT, just sensible warnings.  Nobody isolated. No masks.  What about the time Ebola came home to the US?  No masks, no shut downs.  Doesn’t that make you wonder at ALL?  No masks with EBOLA?  EBOLA DISSOLVES your internal ORGANS.  No masks.  Even the evil ones making viral WEAPONS won’t mess with EBOLA, and yet nobody panicked and told us to go get poked.

When was the last time you had a polio ‘booster’? 

I realize that the covid virus was most likely either BEING weaponized or WAS weaponized, but by God it put Ebola right out of business, AND all of the OTHER flu viruses.  Oh we’re free!  A silver lining.  Let me get back on track:  Yes, this original covid flu can be deadly, but so were the other types of flu for the ‘at-risk’ population.  And yes, the at-risk ones have to take precautions.  My sister is one of the at-risk.  She washes her hands, sanitizes, keeps her distance…and let me tell you, this women NEVER cowers.  Rather, she uses her brain.  Yea, I said brain.  No she doesn’t wear a mask UNLESS she’s in a crowd of crazy-eyes, but she’s intelligent so she keeps her HANDS off of her face, which is the ONLY good a mask does anyone anyway.

And I’m wondering.  If covid is an inflammatory illness and you put a tube down your throat, which causes irritation, isn’t that dangerous? That’s a legit question.  I don’t have any numbers on how  many intubated patients died, but I wonder if the intubation exacerbated the issue.  And how much anti-inflammatory was used in that process… 

Listen, I did Scanning Electron Microscopy for a living.  I KNOW how big the weave is in these ridiculous masks.  The virus can dance right through with a thousand friends.  They keep us from touching our nose and mouth, but what about our EYES?  OMG the eyes are a BIG entry point for a virus!  Better get goggles RIGHT NOW. If you are wearing a mask without goggles, you’re so vulnerable!  And because most people, I have discovered, are too stupid to cover their mouth when they cough, at least THEIR mask catches THEIR germs (some of them).  I, on the other hand, was taught to cover my mouth and anyway, I could SEE what comes flying out of the mouth of others when they DID NOT cover their mouth.  How stupid do you have to BE not to learn that lesson?  Look around you; the answer surrounds you.

I go down the rabbit trail far to easily

This virus has been politicized and offers up the pharma companies as a get-filthy-rich-while-I-am-in-office scheme.  Yes the flu numbers are huge.  But guess WHAT?  They were always huge during ‘flu season’.  The difference was we were not TRAINED to be scared little rats.  

And…anybody want to guess how many of the ‘covid’ cases are not really covid? Think about it: I dare you.  I just saw a post on social media where the woman said she had fever, nausea a cough…but tested negative for covid.  She wanted to know if anybody knew what it could be.  I slammed my laptop closed before the stupid could jump on me.  

I cite Florida.  That’s where the idiot coward politicians are running TO for vacation, so they can stop acting out their ‘play’ that’s designed to keep you frightened.  Grow a backbone and a brain.  You are NOT at the level of risk you’re being told you are.  At risk, not talking to you right now.  Florida has some of the BEST ‘numbers’ and they’re going on with normal life. Normal life, people.  They refuse to be manipulated.  Yay Florida!

80 percent of adults are now ‘poked’ (if you can believe the numbers) (you can’t), so now the target is children.  Oh God, will our pets be next?  Will they become the next invisible carriers of covid??  How WILL pharma keep making money off of this farce?  Oh wait, BOOSTERS.  And of course, other types of viruses that will force you to vaccinate and boost. Bring out your wallet!

What happens when another virus ‘escapes’ from a lab?  Will you then have to get your entire body filled with a synthetic chemical to be ‘safe’, virus after virus?  I mean look what happens when you get the first chemicals injected.  Oh wait, there’s no data on that.  

Do you remember thalidomide?  Yeah, a miracle drug that caused newborn babies of mothers who took it, to be born without ARMS.  But pregnant women LINED UP to take it. And it was their babies who paid the price for an untested drug. No, it didn’t hurt the ones who got poked; but some of their BABIES were born without arms.  Would you take that risk now?  Clearly, yes you would.

The original covid killed a lot of people.  Yes, we needed to be very cautious about that one, but that one is gone, and as all viruses do, the original has morphed.  It is now very contagious, but also much less harmful.  Everyone I know who has had it had symptoms of a “very bad cold”.  Kind of like, oh I don’t know, bronchitis maybe?  I get it.  We have to be careful, but for me, I’m not interested in creating a pharmaceutical government.  Wait.  Too late.  

Bottom line is this: 80-20 rule.  Eighty percent (approx) will follow along in lockstep while the other 20 percent will be divided between the ‘hell no’s’ and the ‘I don’t knows’.  Check my work.  Difference is the little ‘soldiers’ will scream and spit and act like they know what’s going on when they really don’t, trying to force the 20’s into going along.  That’s a great tool for pharma, by the way.  In other words, the 80’s don’t follow the data and I mean ALL of it, not just what shows up on one channel.  And fear is a GREAT tool for manipulators.

I believe what we have is a group of scaredy cats who grew up and are now in charge.  They’re called politicians.  They live in fear and can now impose that fright onto the world.  They were spoiled kids who never worked on a farm, I’ll wager, and were taught that they were SO smart, smarter than EVERYBODY else, that everything they said was GENIUS…and now they’re in charge.  Parenting is important, can I just say?  Let your kids make mud pies; it’ll make them better adults.  As for the lock step ‘soldiers’…how about this?  How about you look in the mirror at that big area behind your eyes.  That’s a brain.  Yes!  Isn’t it great?  And get this:  You get to USE IT!

My parents used to give us “something to cry about”.  Hahaha  Remember that?  Turns out it makes brave adults who never scream and spit at an 80 year old man on a plane.  And go to jail, by the way. Made MY day, I’ll tell you.  Funniest thing of all: That idiot screaming at the old guy didn’t have her mask over HER face.  You can’t make this shit up.  Somebody show that person where her brain is, will ya?  ANOTHER funny thing?  They were on a PLANE! Where they recirculate the air! HAHAHA.  I’m dying over here.  Planes are safe because if they were NOT safe, millions of dollars would be lost.  OOOPS, I said dollars, didn’t I?

Every time something scares you, you should ask who benefits from the ‘cure’.  If it is a politician, don’t do it.  And it will be a politician.  

How about this: We wear our masks THROUGH the restaurant UNTIL we get to our table.  Then we take it off and breathe into the SAME air we just walked through that is being recirculated throughout the room…and we’re SAFE!  HAHAHA.  Because we’re sitting DOWN.  HAHAHA.  We were always safe people.  

And here’s a question for you: How do the politicians know that people who are vaccinated are less likely to get the virus?  I mean, what if they were never even exposed to it?  You can’t prove a negative.  Oh and wait.  A thought is coming….oh yeah!  Vaccinated people ARE getting the virus.  That’s RIGHT!  But their symptoms are less severe, you say?  Well yeah, it’s a different strain.  The one you are NOT vaccinated for.  hahaha.  And the numbers are going up so high the politicians are dancing with glee, I mean, feeling concerned. hahaha.  But how is this possible? We are VACCINATED!

And how do they know the symptoms will be less severe if they DO get sick?  How do they know that the new strain is not just less severe to BEGIN WITH?  They can NOT prove this shit, people.  They are SELLING so called vaccines and boosters.  And they are testing how much manipulation the population will swallow.  I say 80 percent-ish.  Some of the 80’s have found their brains.  So it might be 70-30 soon.

Fauci is now the highest paid government official.  HAHAHA.  And he has changed his story too many times to COUNT.  And CITIZENS ‘must’ be vaccinated but NOT people illegally entering the country because, well “that’s different”.  HAHAHA.  And he’s the highest paid governmental official.  You can’t make this shit up.  By the way, it is the UN-vaccinated who will show the world the true nature of the virus strain.  Think about that.

There will ALWAYS be viruses.  There always have been and always will be.  Better just make sure the mad scientists…yes, scientists…aren’t weaponizing them.  They are, by the way.  And…viruses can get into bunkers, in case you were wondering.  Hahaha.  I mean, you have to laugh at some of the ridiculousness.   

Listen, if we have another killer, meaning we see the dead bodies stacked up where the virus begins, then I will lock down, for sure. But these money making schemes and the cowards who fall down in tantrums just plain piss me off.  Bet you could tell that.  I’m a pretty smart cookie.  I can tell when there’s a turd in the punch bowl I’m being offered.

This whole blog entry is wasted.  The smart ones already know it and the cowards will wail and gnash teeth.