Regarding Lady Colin Campbell

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Not that anyone really cares, but I rarely watch mainstream television anymore.  I watch YouTube almost exclusively.  I can’t even recall how many channels I follow; there are a LOT of great presenters out there, who have no political agenda and who are not interested in propaganda or spinning me into high stress.  You know, stress ACTUALLY kills.  It nukes your immune system for one thing, and it pushes you into depression or anger many times.  So I view anybody trying to push stress into my life as someone endangering my life.  When you see ratings tanking all over the place (media channels), I’m one of the reasons, proudly.  And as if you don’t already know this:  You cannot trust ANYTHING the mainstream media talking heads say.  They are all bought and paid for by one corporation or another.  Going forward, it will be big pharma, broadcasting and deciding what you can watch, and planting DRUG JINGLES into your head at an even higher clip.  Could you ever IMAGINE that people would be humming DRUG SONGS??  

Years ago, I read, in a scientific publication, that the human race would breed itself out of intelligence such that the population would be too dumb to come in out of the rain.  Look around you.  It’s true.

The way pharma has taken over our society chaps my butt.  Mainly because it shows how stupid humanity are, how easily manipulated…mostly happily…people are.  How many drug addicts do we ACTUALLY have in America?  I think the numbers are orders of magnitude higher than what you might think.  And my old rock and roll songs are being used to entice people to take pills that damage their bodies.  And people DO IT.  I knew someone once who took pills…PAID for them…and the bottle said (kid you not) “for aching and feeling bad”.  Bet they tasted sweet going down.  And my rock and roll songs have been corrupted.  Hate that.

I knew we were in trouble decades ago, when someone decided that pointing with your index finger during presentations was bad, and that pointing with a nub (bent finger) was better.  THAT ridiculous idea took off like wildfire and it was at that time I knew we were both doomed and stupid as a society.  It was the beginning of the “don’t hurt my feelings” movement.

So.  I surf around on YouTube, many times looking up how to install a storm door or how to put up one of the glass-encased blinds that fit over existing glass doors.  It’s all there.  All I have to do is select the presenter I like the most, and who understands I may or may not have all of the right tools…and off I go.  And many times I wander down the rabbit trail (you know me) and I stumble across other types of channels that are of interest not related to murder-murder-kill-kill or DIY.  One of those channels is Lady Colin Campbell’s.

The first thing I noted about her was her absolute COMMAND of the English language.  The woman is a juggernaut in the world of the spoken word.  Heck, I have to keep a dictionary app open to watch her.  The other day, she ranted about people in media who insist on saying things like “It was a great outing for Mommy and I”.  That makes my HEAD explode. It is supposed to be Mommy and ME.  I learned that in third grade, for crying out loud.  Lady Campbell is the only person I’ve encountered who both knows and also is insulted by incorrect use of that type of phrase.  Most people just say the phrase with “I” at the end because they don’t know that they don’t know.  And if you look carefully at me, you can see smoke coming out of my ears when these people call themselves “journalists”.  Get off of my TV if you never cared to learn English grammar. And yes, if you say “Mommy and I went to the mall”, yes that’s correct.  If this confuses you, how about looking up that part of grammar?  How to tell which word to use is really very easy if you care to investigate.

Anyway, Lady Campbell is British, and she talks about all things royal.  She’s also an accomplished author and she gets right into the Brit gossip as well.  You know Harry and Megan are pushing into media these days (It’s not going well), and Lady Campbell talks about that a lot.  She talks about it because she’s offended that the “Markles” are trying to bring down the monarchy, as she says.  She is offended by an American spoiled actor going to her country and trying to break all of the china in the shop. It’s like a global temper tantrum and amazing to watch the antics.  It’s amazing in the same way we look at cancer cells in a microscope: Fascinating, but not good.

I don’t blame Lady Campbell for being mad.  When Megan married Harry, I said, “This is going to be a disaster.”  Why?  Because I could see coming, from hundreds of miles away, a clash between the stiff upper lip crowd and the spoiled, self aggrandized actor.  I knew Megan would want to be ‘queen’ and I also knew that was never gonna happen.  And why WOULD it never happen?  Because England is not America, that’s why.

I’m team stiff upper lip.  I’ve had enough of the pretenders thinking that being able to pretend for a living somehow makes them the oracle for all things sensible.  Many of them seem to forget that the very media into which they submerge themselves allows us to actually look into their history.  For example, we know whether or not you attended a school for wealthy, privileged children. And that hurts your story of how poor you were, growing up, if you attended one.  And the outcome is that you are labeled a liar if you claim to have been poverty stricken, yet you were actually wealthy.  Uh oh.  Lady Campbell points out the contradictions.  If you have the data, you can know the truth.  I like truth.  

Why do I care about the Brits?  Because I’m looking for something resembling sanity.  I can’t find it in America anymore.  For now.

And I don’t often get into ‘gossip’ channels, but sometimes they’re like having a friend over ‘for tea’ and just having a chat…like a channel run by “River”.  He’s adorable, funny, and he calls his viewers “My Dears”.  I love watching him and he makes me laugh.  Sometimes he talks about news, sometimes the royals, sometimes just stuff, and always he is entertaining.  I laugh out loud a lot while watching him.  And then I watch “Crime Talk” and “Its a Crime” and “Michelle After Dark” and others in that genre, to follow the criminal investigations across America.  In other words, you can find what you want on YouTube.  And you remove viewership from mainstream media, whom I would love to see fall flat and broke for what they’ve done to our country.  Yeah, it takes dummies to swallow the garbage they throw out in order for the agenda to work.  Do you get what I’m saying here?  Cancerous tumors get removed so the good cells have a chance.

Anyway, an amazing phenomenon that’s happening every day, is that ‘web sleuths’, mostly YouTubers, are contributing to solving crimes in a BIG way.  Think about all of the good minds in the world, following crime updates, and collectively figuring out how things happened AND getting out there finding evidence.  It was a YouTuber who tripped the trigger to finding Gabby Petito’s body (rest in peace, Gabby), and I believe it will be YouTubers who will be instrumental in solving the heinous murders of Kylan and Crystal in Moab.  There are MANY crimes being solved by people like you and me, all over the world.  Do some people get it wrong at times?  Yes, but we back up, reset and keep going.  We throw out the bad info and keep going. You can’t run from the internet.

So yeah, YouTube.  Now it isn’t perfect.  People are getting their videos flagged and put in solitary confinement for saying shit the ‘mods’ don’t like.  See, that is the danger of ‘trusting’ someone to keep the “bad” stuff out.  

Define bad.  

See what I mean?  Bad has 8 billion definitions, but it is the ONE person looking at that video who gets to flag it and keep it from us. It is their particular definition of bad that censors the video.

Bad is pancreatic cancer.  Bad is financial ruin.  Bad is the actual pedophiles preying on children.  But NEWS ABOUT these things is crucial for survival.  Just because the word pedophile makes you cringe (makes me want to kill somebody) doesn’t mean we don’t need to know where these snakes are.  So presenters are having to make up acronyms (oh my GOD) to keep from hurting that one person’s feelings.  See how stupid this is?  First amendment, folks.  First amendment.  Curse words can be ignored.  Anyone can click off of a channel, unsubscribe, turn off the computer!  But you wouldn’t know it.

So for now YouTube hasn’t been ruined.  It will be eventually, but for now, it is my go-to.

Have a great day folks.. 


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