Keep Your Message Strong

Good grammar and spelling in America are disappearing from the landscape.  (ARE, not is)  So what?  Well, if you apply for a job and I review your resume, if I see blatant spelling and grammar errors, your resume goes right in the trash.  Period.  If a person can’t be bothered to learn BASIC spelling and grammar…or use the computer THEY’RE USING to look them up…they must be a lazy individual, or clueless. Notice the word is ‘they’re’ not ‘there’, for God’s sake. Either way, that’s not somebody I’d hire.

Try debating me online using those kinds of errors.  I’m done.  You’re no intellectual, nor even just a pretty smart person with a point to ponder.  Nope.  I win the debate.  If you don’t care enough about your discourse to learn how to organize and display it correctly in writing, you’re lazy. (YOU’RE, not your).

I see it all the time: Your the greatest!  NO!! It is YOU’RE the greatest.   Have you never read ANYTHING in your life?  And here’s one:  It’s to hot.  That’s supposed to be TOO hot.  TOO TOO TOO.  This is not rocket science, folks.  And by the way, MY computer underlines the incorrect grammar, ALERTING me that what I typed is incorrect.  How lazy do you have to be to overlook that little reminder?  Or maybe you’re just apathetic, another great quality.

I watch Youtube videos on TV instead of cable or antenna TV.  I enjoy seeing comments other viewers type in, because there are some very good insights and ideas out there, and some are just hilarious.  There are some natural comedians out there.  But when I see lazy use of language, I just assume it was a smooth-brain typing it.

Bottom line is this:  If you want to be taken seriously, especially in business or a debate, use a grammar checker or spell checker.  Hey, here’s an idea: Use both!  If this kind of thing were difficult, or rocket science, I’d understand; but this is BASIC spelling and grammar.  BASIC!  America is already a laughingstock in the world, justified in part by this kind of thing.  Have a little self respect.  I know; that’s dying off, too.  TOO, NOT TO.

Now.  If I were reading this, I’d be looking into the words I mentioned, to be sure I understood.  Yeah, that’s a dying art as well.


These are tough time in real estate.  It’s a frenzy, and if you are the type of person who needs time to digest, I feel sorry for you.  I am that type of person as well, and to be rushed feels threatening.  But today, the ‘herd’ is thundering towards each home listed for sale.

So, two things:  1) Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone in a big way (or you will never get a home); and 2) Please don’t blame the rotation of the earth on your real estate agent.  We don’t like this market either.  Not one bit.