Help Me Out Here

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I’m sick of propaganda.  By that I mean ‘news’.  

How does pushing for the complete annihilation of a race of people in ANY way equate to EQUALITY?  In my many IQ points, annihilation means DOMINATION, ERADICATION, violent elimination.  Stop telling me you are tired of all of the KILLING while you are KILLING people.

What we witness now is a perfect illustration of the eradication of LOGIC from society’s loudest mouths. And correct me if I’m wrong (I’m not), but logic comes from intellect and a mature brain.  Forgive me (don’t care) if you’re twenty years old, but your brain isn’t even fully developed and I’m not interested in having you design my future.  You can certainly contribute, but you don’t have the ingredients to build that logic all by yourself.  Sorry, not sorry: TRUE.  If you don’t believe me, keep reading and then THINK about what you read.  It’s called reading comprehension.

By the way, why would anyone want to completely destroy a foundation, when they’re just going to have to rebuild it?  We live in one of the greatest countries on earth.  If you don’t believe me, TRAVEL.  GO.  SEE SOME OF THE PLACES YOU THINK you want our country to be like.  I’m telling you, you will not like it.  You will sigh a huge sigh of relief when you board the plane to bring you HOME.  And I’m willing to bet that the majority of people who are whining the loudest have never been anywhere.

Stop trying to destroy the very thing that gives you the rights you have.  Take a LOOK at the super rich telling you that the super rich are BAD.  Watch the ones so old they can’t walk a straight line, trying to relate to you.  Am I in a nightmare here?  Does an old, super wealthy group of white people telling you how to live your life have ANY idea how it feels to worry about making ends meet?  Let me help you: NO, THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN about you as long as you hand over your money to THEM.  You guys had better wise up about this shit.  These old coots have never worked a day in their lives!  What they do is get YOU to do the work and give THEM the money. HELLO??

Oh they’re going to give you a check?  Oh so they get to decide your worth, right?  Can you be bought so cheaply??

Am I the only one who wonders how much STOCK these people own in the companies whose products they force you to buy?  Is there any common sense and logic out there, to make anyone question the ulterior motives??  Oh you think one of the tech giants would make a good dictator?  There’s no such thing as a GOOD dictator.

It’s time for people to start using logic.  Time for people to start ferreting out the truth, find out whose bank account is going to benefit from the next ‘mandate’.  Why bank account?  Well because it’s all about the MONEY, ladies and gentlemen.  That’s what our ‘leaders’ are now: Greedy, power hungry, and so strong they keep grasping the desk long after someone else should have been using it.  You’ve seen it: That blank stare in the middle of the sentence.  On the INSIDE they’re saying, “Oh shit, I forgot what I was saying.”  These are the ones telling us what to DO.  And I bet they’re all wearing Depends!

We are not in a dictatorship yet, people, and if you want to know what one looks like, investigate the dead dictators, or even the live ones who routinely make people disappear from the earth.  Then think about this:  What if you were one of the ones locked in a concrete box for eternity.  See that’s another sign of zero logic.  People who want a dictator can’t even imagine being one of the ‘bad’ ones.  Fifty fifty chance, folks.  Fifty fifty.  And there are people HERE who came from Socialism.  Ask them what it was like. And don’t forget to listen.  First hand account if you actually ask one of them.

And the day will never come when a journalism graduate is going to tell me what words I can and cannot say.  This is a nightmare, isn’t it?  An SUV cannot ‘accidentally’ drive into a parade.  There was a PERSON in that car who DELIBERATELY drove the SUV.  It’s a nightmare, I know it.  Please wake up please wake up please wake up.

If you are not thinking about this stuff, you are being manipulated and controlled because you are gullible and your brain is smooth.  And if you get your way don’t you dare bitch to me.

What Can Make Me Feel Better?

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Better than what?  I know you guys.  MY people are witty and smart.  And besides, that’s what I would ask.

Well let’s think about it.  It has been a tough two years.  I’ve had Covid-19, had to replace my HVAC system in my house (the whole thing), had to have emissions work done on my car, worked in a crazy real estate market, refinanced my house (I think that was last year, who can keep up?), I’ve worn masks, sanitized, washed hands, stopped going to church aka petri dish, AND had a kidney stone…I need some RELIEF.

So this morning, I was watching YouTube and saw violent protests!  I know!  And guess what?  They were not in America!  Oh, I forgot where they were, maybe Austria, and the protests were about a lockdown due to the flu.  And you know what?  In a strange way I felt better.  Why? You ask?  Well because it’s not just us  acting crazy and fed up, that’s why.  You know affiliation is a strong circumstance; marketers use it all the time.  If somebody else is doing it, it must be okay! So yeah, I felt a teensy bit better about ‘the world’.  Sounds warped, doesn’t it?  And yet, I still feel better.

Then I watched a couple of youtube videos about Queen Elizabeth in her colorful outfits, and I thought, “Awww, she’s just adorable!”  And I felt better.  That lady loves color as I do!  Looks better on her, but still, it makes me smile to see her colorful outfits with hats.  She rocks ’em.

And…I’m seeing Christmas lights everywhere!  Before Thanksgiving!  People say they look happy and I agree, so I say, “Decorate away!”.  And I feel better every time I see Christmas lights up early, so happy, in fact, that I say out loud, “Awwww, CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!”

Did tell you my phone had to have a new SIM card?  Wellllll it did.  Got it today.  My phone is behaving marginally better, and just marginal improvement makes me feel a teensy bit better.  Is there hope for this phone (iPhoneX).  No. Not on your life.  But for now, I feel a teensy bit better.  By the way, Douglas, my Verizon guy, was amazing!  Made me smile while sitting in the Verizon store.  Now that’s talent.

I’m reading a book called Molecules of Emotion, about the mind-body connection.  Lots of stuff about eastern medicine and the psychology of healing.  Fascinating.  But the good thing is, I read that book while having a quiet lunch in a nice little restaurant with good coffee, and I felt so good taking that break.

Lots of little things to feel good about here, and I’m just scratching the surface.  Life can be tough, but nobody said it is supposed to be easy.  The trick is noticing the things that bring joy and acknowledging them.  And of course, once you start listing the things that make you feel better, you never, ever, reach the end of the list.

Things are better when we believe our life is good.  Life is better when we understand that when one thing doesn’t work out, something better comes along.  I say, things tend to go the way they’re supposed to.  So.  This Thanksgiving, think about what can make YOU feel better, and maybe, just maybe, the first things will be the turkey on the dinner table and the people with you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

The Word is LEARY

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I just finished another continuing education class about marketing, and it’s all about being up to speed with current trends, being ready to roll at the drop of a hat…you know how it goes.  Well, here’s something you won’t hear about, future and contemporary agents: GRAMMAR and correct use of LANGUAGE.  Listen, if you can’t spell or you consistently use the wrong word, or the right one out of context, you are not going to get my business.  Period.  By the way, if ‘like’ is used every third word as you speak, goodbye.  Like, gone!  If you’re going to present as a professional in a difficult profession, then present as a professional.

I just heard a statement, or more accurately, PART of a statement, about how certain people are ‘weary’ that they may blah blah blah.  The blah blah blah part comes because I didn’t pay one iota (that’s a little teensy punctuation, often used with ‘jot’; or a greek letter) of the REST of that statement because the word is LEARY, not ‘weary’!  Can I just say that this level of frustration comes through because almost nobody, NOBODY these days even knows the word ‘leary’.  Leary means ‘wary’.  It means ‘suspicious or fearful.  That person was LEARY that they may…and finish the story.  In other words, nobody is WEARY over something about which they may be fearful or suspicious. They are either LEARY, or they are WARY.  Too bad nobody’s going to actually read this.

The problem here is that if people misuse those words, it’s a sure sign they have not ever READ them.  They are just repeating what they either head from another nonreader, or what they THOUGHT they heard, and never bothered to look up the word.  In other words, this person is operating from a position of hearsay, and hey, that’s inadmissible in a court of law.  If your client asks a question and you say, “Well, I heart somebody SAY….”, you may have lost that client (and you should)….unless they operate from the same position.

Okay so you don’t like books?  Well there are words in print on the phone and computer too.  I’m just pointing out that there are people out here that hold you accountable to the standard  you claim to represent, and that with us folks, you don’t get by on the skin of your teeth.  Oh wait!  The class talked about how clients hold us accountable.  Okay then.  GRAMMAR!

You can tell a lot about the level of service you’re going to get by listening to how your leader speaks.  Seriously.


It’s Not a Housing Crash…

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Question:  Is there a housing crash coming?

Answer: No.

Don’t be fooled by what is around the corner, folks.  There ARE going to be a lot of short sales and foreclosures popping up in the feed, but that’s not a housing crash.  What you will see happening is due to an ECONOMIC slide, due primarily to Covid shutdowns, but also to people having been paid to stay home and not work.  Business have gone belly up because of this cash-strike (my terminology), and so has their income production for past employees.  Here’s a good illustration of how, when something seems to be too good to be true, it isn’t.

Remember when there were rental and mortgage payment moratoriums?  Well those are over. And NOW we face the music.  It has always been a really bad idea to forgo making your rental or mortgage payment, but in some cases, this was unavoidable.  I understand that some mortgage companies said they could tack on the payments to the end of the mortgage (I never believed that), and if that is true, then those folks should be fine.  But what I hear more often is that the banks will require pretty much instant catch-up on those skipped payments as soon as the homeowner goes back to work.  Well we all know how that’s going to work, if it’s true.  People were hurt financially by the shutdowns but the banks…well, they’re gonna want to get paid.

A short sale is a mortgage holder allowing the homeowner to sell their home for less than they owe on it, and those are just around the corner.  You can smell them.  Certain conditions have to be met in order to qualify for short sale status, and just know that in the PAST, you paid taxes on the amount that wasn’t covered by the short sale, as though that was actual income to you for that year.  It was a bad time for a lot of people.

People walked away from million dollar homes in the 2008 crash; but this isn’t that.  THIS one is going to be a true accounting of how many people were financially injured by the shutdowns, and I have no doubt that it will be shocking.  It will be a sad thing to watch, to say the LEAST.  But know, when it  comes, it’s not a housing crash.  And then, I implore you, sit down, be quiet and THINK about what brought this on.  If you keep asking “why?” at the end of each conclusion point, you’ll be taken back to one place.

Remember that there is still a housing shortage, there are still people clamoring to buy, and the real estate market is not crashing, has not crashed.  So don’t panic, and remember, if you think you could be heading to short sale territory, PLEASE talk to a financial advisor to find out how you can avoid that place.  It’s tough to recover from a short sale or foreclosure.  There could be a better way.  Don’t give up without investigating.

For those of you thinking of making a good deal during this next crisis, remember your gain is a direct correlation to someone’s great loss.  I’m dreading this.  I don’t like to see people in pain.  But I am a short sale and foreclosure specialist, and I can help with your listing.  But first I’m going to try to help you find a way not to go there.  That is a promise.

Listen, if you think you’re teetering on that edge, give me a call and let’s try to do some good old fashioned problem solving.  


I’m Brenda Briggs, realtor/broker, Coldwell Banker Advantage 919-210-6113