Good Things When We Least Expect Them

Not much worse than a raging case of the flu, particularly when you can’t stand to be still.  This is happening to me, but I have made it to the doctor. Tired of feeling sick. BUT I’m so excited about my latest discovery, made while I was flat on my back, stuck in bed.

I have discovered the most beautiful person on the planet!  Well, he is new to me anyway. I watched the movie, Unbroken and was stunned by the performance of Miyavi. From the first moment his face shows up on the screen, he captivates. His performance was perfect and you can’t miss the fact that he is simply beautiful. I am convinced we will be seeing a LOT of this young man.

Sick as I was, I googled him, and discovered this to be his acting debut and that he is a trendsetting musician. I watched some of his music videos and my admiration grew. Listen. Don’t miss this young man. He is a force.  I felt so bad to have lost Michael Jackson from among us, but Miyavi might just be a light beginning to burn brightly into that dark place.

Check him out. You won’t be sorry. As for his performance in the movie?  It was the first time I actually looked beyond the brutality of this character type into the soul. I’m betting you will feel the same. He stole the show. Not the story, the show.