Well, these days you hardly get the ‘flip’ in before the house is grabbed in mid-air. ‘Toss’ is probably a better word. How about “Toss This House”. My goodness, there’s a mad rush for ‘existing’ homes all over the US, with each available home having many, many interested buyers. Multiple offers is the norm. I hate it.

Yep, I’m a real estate agent, but I also appreciate a fair, balanced market. This market supremely favors the wealthier buyers, and my first time buyers are literally shoved aside or intimidated out of even trying. My heart goes out to the excited buyers who have saved and worked on credit score, diligently trying to get out of the rental lifestyle into homeownership. I see, time after time, their optimism turning into disappointment, as their ability to offer above lists price and bring the difference to closing, kicks them out of the running. OR, they are reduced to shopping through the inventory of homes where you can see the ground through the floor, or where outdoor carpet has been flung onto the floor inside. It is ridiculous.

Here’s why this bothers me…in PART…why this bothers me. One day, and you know I am right, people who pay 10, 15, 20 thousand over list price are going to get stuck with that house when the market falls. Think about this: If you offer more than the appraised value right out of the gate and THEN the market falls (or crashes), then you need to sell? Oh boy. You will have to bring that extra you paid out BACK to the table again as the seller, and possibly more, just to be able to sell a home you now have to list BELOW market value. I’ve seen this happen; I lived through a market crash with people who HAD to sell for jobs or family reasons, cashing in tens of thousands of 401K dollars, just to get rid of their home. I understand this is a free market and all of that, and I am a capitalist. But I have also “lived in the future” to a great extent. I tend to view my life as today + ten years out. I’ve been pretty doggone accurate too. And I’ve found that things tend to work out somehow. But the number of home being sold above appraised value deeply concerns me. I’m going to be the one going to listing appointments and giving bad news time after time. I’ve done it; I don’t like it.

Anyway, I started out talking about my young buyers or firsts time buyers and how hard it is to see them getting cut from the running. I hate it and I don’t think it’s fair. So. House tossers. How about this? How about you try buying some smaller homes, putting fewer bells and whistles in them, and giving the entry level buyers a doggone chance?? Spend less on the downstroke…buy TWO! Make them cute and comfortable, safe and warm, and sell them at a price the entry level buyers can afford. And sell them to a owner, not an investor, and give them a chance. YOU had one; why not pay back the opportunity? I say you can spend less up front and still make a profit. In other words, my little first time buyers can live without granite and top of the line appliances. They know they can upgrade that stuff later.

Anybody? Anybody? It is not all about the money, is what I am saying. Man can’t live by bread alone. That’s not me; that came from somewhere else.

Closing Down America for Takeover

It’s early. I’m watching a show about Covid of course. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE?? I just found out that there was enough stimulus money in Michigan for every family who lost income due to business shutdowns, to receive SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Holy crap! That’s enough money to make it okay to be shut down for two months. (The restaurant owner thought it was twenty thousand). BUT…the money went to special interests, NOT to the people of that state whose businesses lost income. He was LIVID and I don’t blame him! Can it be true that our tax money is just being exchanged among government employees and lobbyists while we are being driven to bankruptcy? You bet your ass it can. AND APPARENTLY it IS! Look at who runs for political office these days. This crap started with a blue freaking dress. If you don’t know what that means, you live under a rock.

This sounds like China. If government takes away our options and our money, we will HAVE to depend on the GOVERNMENT for income. That means you’ll have to be a smooth brain coward in order to get bread and milk money. The REST of us will disappear. You know, the ones who do the work. I’ll be gone for sure.

I don’t CARE which ‘party’ (they need to change that word to ‘nightmare’) is in the White House. I care about AMERICA and our rights and freedoms. Who would have thought that Communist China would become a model for a FREE country like ours? And if we’re so terrible, WHY on God’s earth is everyone trying to take us over?? Have you thought about that at ALL?

There is enough money to make this ‘lockdown’ stuff work for the benefit of the people, but guess what? Government does not WANT it to work. How can our rights be stripped away if they do anything to make this benefit the people? Right! It’s about power and money people, and the government of this day want to take both away from us. I believe there are a few old codgers who need to go AWAY.

This is AMERICA, people. Not CHINA. Not North Korea. If that’s what you want, GO THERE. Please, go. You’ll soon be sniveling and begging to come back, and that’s IF you don’t ‘disappear’.

I woke up from a sound sleep and thought, “Holy shit, we ARE China!” Already the ‘news’ is controlled by the government. The ‘news’ is now a propaganda machine! That’s CHINA! THAT’S NORTH KOREA! Already the internet is being taken away from us, people. Think Twitter, think Facebook, think Youtube. Starts with little censorship events, but it is THE INTERNET BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM US. If you don’t know what I mean by that, you’re living under a rock. And you are one of the sheep the power mongers love. You’ll be sorry.

Okay, say that’s good with you. Then one day, I AM THE ONE who gets to decide what YOU can post online. OH GOODIE, right? hahaha. That’s EXACTLY how it will work. If you support this takeover and think you will benefit? I’m laughing my ass off. You will mean NOTHING. None of us will. That’s how a dictatorship works.

But the program: It showed a restaurant owner who is defying the ‘rules’ by staying open against Michigan oppression. He is being fined a grand a day and will end up in jail, I’m sure (the government of MI is being called a ‘regime’). Smoke is coming out of my ears. Just this week a pub owner in Staten Island was JAILED for trying to save his business and keep income coming in to his household. He declared his establishment an autonomous zone, but I guess that only works for SEATTLE. According to him, they fined him 15 grand first, rescinded that fine, went to a grand a day, revoked is liquor license at which time he made his establishment free to all (with a donation). Ultimately they arrested him. IN AMERICA. I was sorry I was too far away to go there for dinner. But you couldn’t PAY me to go to “NY of China”. Not enough money on EARTH. So much for ‘The Big Apple”. It’s going down and it should, for putting up with this crap. Wait for it.

Statistics say that the ‘average’ restaurant can survive 27 days without income (I was surprised it was that long), and YET rich politicians (not a scientists among them) are talking about a SIXTY day LOCKdown, when all information WE GET says a ONE OR TWO week quarantine is allllll you need. Does ANYBODY but me see the absolute ridiculousness in all of this??? If a two week shutdown would DO IT, why are they talking about SIXTY DAYS? And government is threatening LOCKdown well into spring 2021. Two operative words: Threatening and Lockdown. Do you even have a pulse? Can you even IMAGINE the future if this crap continues??

In other words, they are implementing orders that are GUARANTEED to ruin American families. The comment was, “It didn’t work for the businesses so they are coming into your homes”. This is being called a grand social experiment, designed to see how far they can push before people revolt. So far, people are laying down. I’m ASHAMED that we are surrounded by smooth brains with no ability to look at this stuff logically, and I am ashamed of the cowards that surround me.

If a restaurant chooses to stay open, everyone in that establishment UNDERSTANDS THE RISK and is willing to accept it. I think the law calls that “assumption of risk”. And every patron who goes IN also knows and accepts the risk. Welcome to America. If are scared, YOU stay home. How about that??

Yeah, I can hear the crybabies talking about how we ‘will take the virus to other peeeeeople”. Well not if YOU ARE LOCKED DOWN. If you lock down, you’ll be safe, RIGHT? Only the zombie contaminants will be out working and providing your services. Hey, one of us might deliver your DRUGS and your GROCERIES. Bet you’ll be good with THAT. And…wait for it…we’ll be alive!

If there’s a fire, I walk towards it to see if I can help. I am not a coward nor a sheep. This is America. If restaurants want to open, I will go. I will give big tips to the wait staff and try to help the establishment survive. The commentator said, “They can’t even stop a Walmart looting; how will they stop an entire community?” EXCELLENT QUESTION, MISTER TALKING HEAD. And ESPECIALLY when the POLITICIANS do NOT follow the rules they impose on us. WAKE THE F**K UP! If it is safe for THEM, DUH HUH HUH, IT’S SAFE FOR US!

By the way, FOUR HUNDRED people in the community around Mac’s Pub in Staten Island showed up to protest and support those owners (most without masks). I hope they stay and invite all of their friends. The two young guys who own that establishment are working hard and providing a service to their community. They are NOT digging into YOUR WALLET for money to live. They do not want to be living under a dictatorship. GOOD FOR THEM!

If the Covid numbers are right, you should walk to your door and see a couple of people dropping dead in front of your house. I’m not talking about 90 year old grandma, folks. And I’m not talking about the FAKE Covid deaths. If you are already on oxygen, then LOCK DOWN! If you have risky health conditions, STAY HOME. That’s how we used to do it before there became a concerted effort to take down our country, which is exactly what this is. People have died from different flu viruses forEVER. It’s gonna happen. I had the flu once and thought I MIGHT die. I STAYED HOME AND WOULD NOT LET ANYONE NEAR ME. Guess what, all of the rest of the STATE kept right on working and going out to eat and going to see movies and visiting friends and FAMILY. DUH!

WOULDN’T it make more sense to have the cowards and at-risk people ‘lock down’ and let the rest of the world get to WORK?? Yeah, it makes sense if you have folds in your brain. The SENSIBLE thing to do is let the trembling frighted ones and the poor health ones, LOCK DOWN. Is it just me or does that make PERFECT SENSE???? This current paradigm is DANGEROUS, people, in ways we cannot begin to understand. If America goes down, can you imagine what will happen to the world? Do YOU want raw sewage running in the streets were YOU live?? Can you imagine not being able to shelter and find food in the REFRIGERATOR? Better think about it. You don’t own your home and you can’t stay if you don’t pay. If you support this shit, you’ll get what you deserve.

I know there have to be scaredy cats among us, always have been, but EVERYBODY?? Is it something in the WATER? I would love to see the faces of the diabolical assholes who are orchestrating this experiment. I’m sure they are grinning from ear to ear because they think we’re stupid. Uh, in large part they are right. And if this crap doesn’t stop, we’ll all be stripped of all rights and precious conveniences, and some of us will be “disappeared”. I’ll be gone, for sure.

There are still some voices out there who speak the truth, but unfortunately they are drowned out by liars and those who want our money and our freedom. So it becomes imperative that we use our own logic and intelligence. Good luck 10 percenters. And, didn’t Edward Snowden WARN us about government overreach? If you don’t know what I mean by that, go back under your rock.

I need coffee.