Life After Cutting the Cord

Wow, it has been years since I stopped paying high cable bills. I just have internet, and not through the ‘cable’ companies either. My internet performance is actually BETTER than it was with super high speed internet through Time Warner. Right, super high speed. Joke! See how long it has been? I cut the cord when Time Warner increased my bill and then increased it AGAIN when I called to complain. Good old no-customer service Time Warner.

After they tried to give me ‘free stuff’ to keep me as a customer and told me my NEW monthly bill amount, it was HIGHER. I had to laugh. I said, “Does this actually WORK for you? Are people really that stupid?” She didn’t say it, but the answer was, of course, yes. And I of course canceled my service. And there was one more nail in the coffin of my belief that people were basically pretty smart.

So I cut the cord, bought a Roku box…yes, it was a little tiny box then. And I got an antenna for both of my TVs. So I have Amazon prime, I killed Netflix, I have Roku (free) and antenna TV (also free). I don’t have TIME to miss the cable shows I thought I couldn’t live without. I can stay completely happy watching YouTube videos if nothing else, and free antenna TV (remember THAT?) is great. I get about 21 channels just from that. Roku has free movies that they add to each month, and if I WANTED to watch sports, which I don’t, I can get that on free TV.

So, I’m very happy and a lot richer because I cut the cord. In fact, I’m working on cutting back again…hence axing Netflix. That’s a start. But long story short, life without cable is BETTER. Anything they offer I can get right on my laptop, and what I pay for internet is way cheaper.