Shrinking Inventory in the Real Estate World

The Perfect Storm is looming.  Interest rates are creeping up; housing inventory is shrinking; people are rushing to buy, people who were on the fence for some time.  It’s turning into a seller market, for these reasons and one other one that’s HUGE.  Multiple offers are commonplace.  Great for sellers.  Not good for buyers who are used to insisting on paint color being perfect before they even buy, carpet being new in a ten year old house, the right smell, the right temperature.  Sellers, celebrate.  Buyers, take a deep breath.  The world we knew a year ago has flipped.

When sellers have multiple offers on a home you really love, suddenly their repair budget shrinks or yes, even disappears altogether.  Some offers are high with ZERO concessions.  Suddenly that decor isn’t so bad after all, suddenly sellers are smack dab in the middle of the driver’s seat.  And folks, as inventory continues to go away, it’s going to become even more dramatic.

For so long sellers were put through the wringer trying to sell, and now it’s about to swing strongly in the other direction, moving so quickly through the middle ground we’re likely to miss it.  If you’re a seller, it’s a great time to have your home listed.  Buyers, better get busy, because not only might you have to compete with several others to get the home you love, you’re going to pay a lot more each month as interest rates creep up.

I said, some time ago, that one truism is that the universe WILL balance.  It happens in all areas of life, and it’s happening in real estate now. Don’t you feel it?  Exciting times.  Don’t miss out on the still good prices and interest rates, people.  We’re about to see house prices, first on new construction, take a big leap.

Call me and let’s get busy!

Of Course…the Arias Trial…

I came within a few steps…literally…of being selected to serve on a death penalty case jury. I thought the idea was fascinating and something I’d be good at…until I saw the defendant.  He had stabbed his wife to death with their three month old child in close proximity…and I couldn’t take my eyes off of his hands.  They were pale and feminine, not the sort of hands you’d expect to be murderous at all.  But they were.  It wasn’t contested whether or not he killed his wife, only what his punishment should be.  And there I was, fifteen feet away from this man, potentially about to be selected to determine his fate.   I felt physically ill.  Before that time, I was absolutely in favor of the death penalty…but when it came time to put up or shut up, I realized I could never be the one to call for another’s death. Not at the time.  I was younger then.

I looked at the Travis Alexander autopsy photos online.  If you haven’t seen them, don’t.  They are too disturbing and the act of violence they portray slithers into your gut and your phyche and you’ll feel nauseated and you won’t sleep. And you’ll feel very, very sad…not only about poor Travis, but also about our society in general.   What comes forth is that this poor man suffered tremendous violence and pain…and he fought to live.  His wounds show that.  His last moments alive were filled with the sort of terror no human being should have to experience, particularly not if you’re someone like Travis apparently was.  I have such a palatable sense of loss without him in the world.  We NEED more people like him.

Travis filled his life with service, apparently, and according to his journal entry…one of the last…he intended to make this year the most giving of all.  I think he might have pulled it off. If he hadn’t encountered the bloodsucker.  The one named Jodi.

Here’s the thing.  He got himself tied up with a person who was charming, manipulative, and used to not only getting her way but also never having taken responsibility for any wrongs in her life.  People like that, especially ones diagnosed as having bipolar disorder, can be very charming, and they get through life by being manipulative, ingratiating, and…here’s the important part…attaching themselves to people who are NOT that way. They seek out honest, hardworking, giving people and particularly ones who tend to be very calm and focused about their life.  They are parasites, ultimately, and when they think they are either losing their host OR not getting their way about something important to them (it’s always ALL AND ONLY about them)…they can explode, and they do.  I’ve seen it happen up close and personally.

Jodi described Travis as being a very calm person.  Now…if someone asked you to describe your lover, would ‘calm’ be one of the first things you said?  NO!  You’d say cute, or funny or smart.  Not ‘calm’.  So here’s my theory.  I know, through testimony, that Travis was ending the relationship.  I think Jodi tried to manipulate him, even sexually the day of his murder, and it wasn’t working.  My guess is that he was very calm and deliberate in letting her know that her manipulations weren’t working and weren’t GOING to.  And she lost it.  I think, like all of her type, she is EXTREMELY vindictive, and she threw everything she had in to making him pay for not giving her her way.

People say she must have been abused as a child.  I call bull on that.  It think she was spoiled ROTTEN, always got her way, always thought she was adorable and that EVERYTHING she did was wonderful.  People like that never learn to take responsibilty for things going sideways, because the adults in their life never let them SEE that.  Mommy or Daddy usually make their lives perfect and when it’s time to grow up, they don’t…they just find another ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ to make their lives perfect AND to take the blame for all bad things. The person closest to one of these animals gets to bear the weight of the world.  It’s true.  And it’s terrible.  I’m guessing Jodi’s mommy was the ‘good’ parent and Jodi’s daddy was ‘the bad parent’…and I bet mommy worked against daddy a lot.  You haven’t seen daddy around much, have you?

Jodi never expected to be found guilty, and her smug demeanor throughout the trial showed that.  She was used to using people, manipulating people, getting her way.  Now that she knows this ain’t California baby, she has a whole new demeanor.  But she’s still acting. I couldn’t help but wonder whether her face muscles hurt at the end of the day from holding the ‘sad’ face during the victim impact statements.  Another manipulation.  Listen, I can PROMISE you she views HERSELF as the victim.  I lived with one of these types.  For a long time.  I recognize the animal.  She feels victimized.  Even though she brutalized Travis, butchered the man.

So now…not only would I vote in FAVOR of the death penalty for Jodi, I’d push the button.  People like her suck the life out of anybody stupid enough to fall for their manipulations…and we fall for them because we view the world as good, as WE are good, because we are trusting and we want to serve.  We end up being nothing more than a host for the parasite, a platform from which they can spring their insanity, and the person to whom they point the blame when things don’t work out…and they NEVER work out for these people because they eventually, always show their true colors…and they get caught.   It’s important to not only realize there are a LOT of Jodi’s out there, bad people who WILL kill if they feel the need to, people whose reality isn’t ‘normal’.  It’s their own reality with them at the center…because they never grow up.

As long as the Jodi’s of the world don’t commit brutal murder, we can deal with them.  Some of us have done it and some are doing it now.  In this case, however, I say death is the only answer.  She will do this again, given the right circumstances.  Of that I have NO doubt.

Oh, and here’s something else VERY important:  Jodi tried her level best to make this all Travis’s fault.  She tried her BEST to make him out to be a monster.  Yeah, I’ve had that happen to me too.  It rarely works…because the parasite’s true colors always come through…It’s the only gratification the normal people have: the truth comes out.

The Value of Wisdom

One great gift to which we all have access is the wisdom of those who have gone before us, whether it is by virtue of age and experience, or by having charted territory we have yet to see.  There is value to listening to the experiences of others, their success AND failure stories, because that is how we achieve greatness sooner, rather than later.  It’s great to build upon that wisdom, but to completely disregard it is to waste precious time.

We’re arrogant in our country, and I’m sure we don’t hold the patent on that sentiment or behavior.  But in America, we tend to look at the ones who are ahead of us on the path as having targets on their backs, rather than mapmakers and sources of information we can use. We see them as someone to best, to pass quickly up the ladder and often we miss the whole point of the climb.

I watched a movie called “I Am”, based, you might have guessed, on the ten commandments, one of which is to honor your father and mother.  We tend to not do that much anymore, choosing instead to believe we have it all figured out…when we don’t.  Nobody does, in fact.

Anyway, the short point is that there is value in the experiences and teachings of others, and that, by the way, is a two way street.  Nobody has ever walked the exact path as another.  Each has his/her own perspective and life experience and each has value.