The Value of Wisdom

One great gift to which we all have access is the wisdom of those who have gone before us, whether it is by virtue of age and experience, or by having charted territory we have yet to see.  There is value to listening to the experiences of others, their success AND failure stories, because that is how we achieve greatness sooner, rather than later.  It’s great to build upon that wisdom, but to completely disregard it is to waste precious time.

We’re arrogant in our country, and I’m sure we don’t hold the patent on that sentiment or behavior.  But in America, we tend to look at the ones who are ahead of us on the path as having targets on their backs, rather than mapmakers and sources of information we can use. We see them as someone to best, to pass quickly up the ladder and often we miss the whole point of the climb.

I watched a movie called “I Am”, based, you might have guessed, on the ten commandments, one of which is to honor your father and mother.  We tend to not do that much anymore, choosing instead to believe we have it all figured out…when we don’t.  Nobody does, in fact.

Anyway, the short point is that there is value in the experiences and teachings of others, and that, by the way, is a two way street.  Nobody has ever walked the exact path as another.  Each has his/her own perspective and life experience and each has value. 

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