You’ve got to be kidding me….

I watched the Casey Anthony trial, followed the story of the death of her child for three years.  The child was missing for THIRTY ONE days before Casey called the police…a two year old..missing for thirty one days and not reported missing by the mother.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And she wouldn’t have called then if the grandmother hadn’t had a meltdown.

The child’s bones were found, inside three trash bags, a few blocks from Casey’s house…and she got away with it.  While the baby was missing, the mother was partying, getting tatooed, having a blast, and lying about EVERYTHING, including the whereabouts of her baby.

Shades of OJ Simpson.  What a joke.

Some of the scientific evidence was a joke too…or at least the way it was presented.  In fact, I think I watched too much Law and Order.  I shouted out objections.  OBJECTION!  Leading the witness!  There as a LOT of that going on.  

I cannot believe that loser got away with killing her child, or at least having participated in the death of the baby.  But then again, nothing surprises me anymore…