Leave Apple Alone

Now that Steve Jobs has left us, it seems some of the financial talking heads are trying their level best to INSINUATE Apple into trouble.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard them “wonder” “how much longer” the company can be great.  I’ve heard them “wonder” whether they can still be creative, market leaders.  I’ve heard them wonder whether restricted supplies might turn people away from them.  ARE YOU KIDDING?  Restricted supply has been a giant marketing strategy of Apple, hasn’t it?  Has it made you dislike them?  I didn’t think so.  I’ve heard “What if” enough times to call it a trend. These boneheads would actually like to see Apple stumble.  Don’t think so?  Test the hypothesis then.  Listen for yourself, and make no mistake about the ‘power’ of the media.  Tune in to the stock analysis networks and just listen to the Apple banter.  Sometimes the guests who are being interviewed get that “are you on crack?” look on their face as they try to answer the host’s question without showing their incredulousness.  It’s kind of funny, except that this kind of yammering on about a POSSIBLE DOWNFALL can lead to one…and they know it.

For example…lately, there was a report on housing prices based on “ten selected cities”, most of which were in the very hardest hit areas of the United States.  Others were in areas where you either have to love boiling or freezing to live there.  I admit it: I yelled at my TV.  If I wanted to show housing prices dropping, those are the cities I would have chosen.  Remember you can spin statistics to say whatever you WANT them to say, primarily by carefully choosing your population.  Had they included the Triangle in the ‘selected cities’, the numbers would have been better.  What do you think would have happened if they had chosen other “up” areas in the data population, maybe only a few just for kicks and giggles?  Well…less gloom and doom! But good news doesn’t sell, does it?

So watch what these people do to Apple.  They are planting seeds.  Let’s hope Apple investors are too smart for the ridiculous game that most people bite, hook, line sinker.  And by the way, remember that the economy IS showing signs of health…all but the housing market.  Don’t you think the cur