The Word is LEARY

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I just finished another continuing education class about marketing, and it’s all about being up to speed with current trends, being ready to roll at the drop of a hat…you know how it goes.  Well, here’s something you won’t hear about, future and contemporary agents: GRAMMAR and correct use of LANGUAGE.  Listen, if you can’t spell or you consistently use the wrong word, or the right one out of context, you are not going to get my business.  Period.  By the way, if ‘like’ is used every third word as you speak, goodbye.  Like, gone!  If you’re going to present as a professional in a difficult profession, then present as a professional.

I just heard a statement, or more accurately, PART of a statement, about how certain people are ‘weary’ that they may blah blah blah.  The blah blah blah part comes because I didn’t pay one iota (that’s a little teensy punctuation, often used with ‘jot’; or a greek letter) of the REST of that statement because the word is LEARY, not ‘weary’!  Can I just say that this level of frustration comes through because almost nobody, NOBODY these days even knows the word ‘leary’.  Leary means ‘wary’.  It means ‘suspicious or fearful.  That person was LEARY that they may…and finish the story.  In other words, nobody is WEARY over something about which they may be fearful or suspicious. They are either LEARY, or they are WARY.  Too bad nobody’s going to actually read this.

The problem here is that if people misuse those words, it’s a sure sign they have not ever READ them.  They are just repeating what they either head from another nonreader, or what they THOUGHT they heard, and never bothered to look up the word.  In other words, this person is operating from a position of hearsay, and hey, that’s inadmissible in a court of law.  If your client asks a question and you say, “Well, I heart somebody SAY….”, you may have lost that client (and you should)….unless they operate from the same position.

Okay so you don’t like books?  Well there are words in print on the phone and computer too.  I’m just pointing out that there are people out here that hold you accountable to the standard  you claim to represent, and that with us folks, you don’t get by on the skin of your teeth.  Oh wait!  The class talked about how clients hold us accountable.  Okay then.  GRAMMAR!

You can tell a lot about the level of service you’re going to get by listening to how your leader speaks.  Seriously.


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