Turning the Ship Around and other Political Games

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Once again, Elon Musk got it right, WAY long time ago.  He said, essentially that anyone dying with Covid was counted as a Covid death.  WITH Covid.  An example was a cancer death of a patient with Covid was counted as a death caused by Covid. So the numbers were skewed radically upward, I think deliberately. Another example he cited: If a diver is eaten by a shark and his arm is recovered and found to have the Covid virus, HIS death by a shark attack would be counted as a Covid death.  Why?  Well that’s the billion dollar question, isn’t it? Except that the number is billionS…plural.  And come on, we ALL know that is going on.  We all KNOW it. 

Was Covid used for money purposes?  Yep, Think NY and think nursing homes.  Who got arrested for that?  OH WAIT, NOBODY!

See, politicians all over the world have figured out how gullible and unintelligent the masses are (present company excepted of course), and as a natural progression of politicians, they figured out how to equate that knowledge to dollars in the bank.  Theirs, not yours.  Picture a hand reeeaaaaching toward your pocket with little pinkie extended, picking your pocket of the folding money.  That is how you should ALWAYS view politicians.  Read that last sentence again.  That is WHY I keep begging the population to do some independent thinking!  I saw a very bright gentleman on Youtube talk about how they USED to tell students to put on their “thinking caps”, and then give them a fun problem to solve that involved using logic and reasoning.  It made me remember those times.  They were fun and they taught the concept of both critical thinking and also of listening to other perspectives to round out the pool of information needed to draw a good conclusion. It taught us to look at reality, and while we had feelings about things, to NOT use those feelings to exclude facts.  Wow, what a concept.

Like this: I get pissed at tax time every year.  But I pay my taxes on time, every time, because, taxes are used for good things…like roads and bridges and infrastructure, and for Pelosi’s bank account.  Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.  And Covid test kits.  Get that?  They are NOT free.  I paid for them and YOU paid for them.

RABBIT TRAIL WARNING:  Why is it okay for politicians to participate in insider trading and it’s a crime for everybody else?  People! They rub this shit in our FACES.

And NOW they say, “You either believe this or you will be punished”.  AND IT IS WORKING, which reminds me of a SCIENCE article I read in one of my SCIENTIFIC magazines while I was a SCIENTIST, which said that the human population would breed itself out of existence because the most intelligent ones of society were not having babies; they were working in SCIENCE and ENGINEERING jobs, and once upon a time, TEACHING.  So, the article said, eventually humans would be too stupid to come in out of the rain.  I laughed at that article, but I BELIEVED it.  And now, that rain is nuclear.  I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN IN MY LIFETIME.  And I’m pissed.

That’s what politicians are doing to the masses.  

I used to get raging mad, but now I just say, “Ah, not doing that.”  This is still America after all, and I’ve never been to jail.  Nope, not doing that.   By the way I had Covid, the FIRST round, and I never went to the hospital nor a doctor…which could be why I am still alive.  See, I just can’t get past the numbers of people who die after going TO the hospital, versus the ones who stay alive by NOT going to the hospital.  But again, I digress.  This is how my brain works, folks.  I say, “Hmmmm” a lot.  Then I say, “Ah, not doing that.”  hahaha.

BTW while I had Covid, I kept thinking about the great antibodies I’d have when it was all over.  My friend and I had Covid at the same time; neither of us went to a hospital; both of us still alive.  Data points, folks, data points.

Covid has become a BUSINESS that puts big bucks into someone’s pocket, but not mine.  See I don’t like that.  There’s that hand reaching for my cash again.  WHO IS GETTING RICH BECAUSE OF A DEADLY PANDEMIC??  Well, maybe the ones who caused it, the ones who funded it.  Remember the guy who raised the price of epi-pens to astronomical levels and laughed about it?  THEY SENT HIM TO JAIL.  They sent him to jail while THEY were doing the same shit to the masses.  Difference? That little asshole was not a politician.  You cannot make up this stuff people.  The worst part?  People burn shit down to support the criminals! Why?  Money. They get paid to do it.

If the politicians can force us into masks all the time, masks will cost so much that they will be stolen as fast as Nike shoes. This is our country now, folks.  Ya better look at who’s getting rich because you just follow the herd you’ve always followed.  And if you are one of the ones getting paid to burn the cities YOUR tax dollars built, I hope you have not reproduced yourself.  Wait.  You don’t pay taxes.

BUT.  Stay with me now; you know how I am about rabbit trails.

The ship is beginning to turn around.  What ship?! you might ask.  Well, the Covid ship, my friends.  I’ve seen the first signs of the new ‘mantra’, which is that ah, maybe politicians need to loosen up the bonds.  Just heard that England is removing ALL Covid restrictions by March. hahaha.  So do you think they suddenly decided that it is okay for people to just die in the streets?  NO!  Do they know that if you leave the people alone, WE will handle it?  No! And we will develop herd immunity?  No!  Now bear with me.  I’m not a monster, but I DO believe in natural selection.  I’ll leave it at that and 20% of you will get it.  

The ship is turning because the masses are finally getting pissed at the politicians and scaring them into ‘retirement’.  HAHAHA.  I’m laughing my ass off.  Now we’re moving from ‘pandemic’ to ‘endemic’ and you will hear that over and over and over by the talking heads who never have an original thought, but rather read the note that says, “You will say this, or else!”  If you watch propaganda, you will start to hear about loosening mandates, about it being okay to go to work and school. Wait for it.  It’s coming.

I saw a very recent publication (ship turning) say that actual antibodies are far more effective than the jabs.  Well duh!  I just shake my HEAD and lmao.  OH my God, what the HELL is going on when you have to keep getting boosted and boosted and boosted and it STILL doesn’t work?  Answer?  MONEY, MY HERD FRIENDS.  MONEY!!  Not ours, THEIRS.  Ex: Fauci.  But the worst part?  The masses believe it. Again, I cite the ‘breeding’ article.  That was in Scientific American if you want to track it down.

Okay, deep breath.  And for the masses: Trigger warning.  The ‘vaccine’ makes the symptoms less severe’.  Okay, prove it.  I’m saying that the symptoms are less severe because the virus is less severe.  PROVE ME WRONG.  You can’t.  And if you believe that this so called vaccine that doesn’t work is why you’re not seeing as many deaths, then you do NOT understand science.  You cannot just say, “Look! Fewer hospitalizations!” and say it’s because of a ‘vaccine’.  You cannot.  Why?  Because the virus is less virulent.  The virus is less virulent.  The virus is less virulent.  If you don’t believe me, prove me wrong.  I’ll wait.

So watch for the turning ship.  A particular group of politicians are quaking in their Crocs, worrying about choosing between ‘retiring’ or ‘getting fired’. hahaha.  So the handcuffs will be loosened and eventually removed, because politicians love their power.  So also watch for the next thing to incite us or instill fear.  It’s coming and you can take that to the bank. Theirs, not yours.

And listen, I know people died, may of whom had other serious health issues, and many of those issues were undetected until they went, uh oh, to the hospital.  If perfectly healthy, strong people died after ‘intubation’, I’d be poring over those records.  Wait, you won’t be able to find them.  But if there were no underlying conditions on board to exacerbate the virus, I’d be very suspicious.  Somebody had to graduate at the bottom of the class and still get to be a doctor.  And I wonder why a virus that is an inflammatory respiratory entity would be handled by shoving a tube down the throat, causing more inflammation, while stubbornly refusing to use anti-inflammatory drugs…is even considered.  In other words, if these people worked in my lab, they’d be fired.  Period.  Why?  No logic AT ALL.  

You know there’s a thing called ‘groupthink’, where one single idea is put forth and everybody jumps on board with that one, to the exclusion of other, BETTER ideas that never made it to the table.  Or in this case, were shoved OFF of the table for political purposes.  Premature evaluation.  There were better courses of treatment for Covid, not allowed to be used under pain of being fired, for political reasons.  If your loved one died because of that little despicable rule?  Lawyer, lawyer, lawyer.

The good news is that the ship is turning.  In an odd and twisted way, I am enjoying watching how America’s crooked politicians and ‘scientists’ are writhing in fear while systematically destroying my country.  I always said that as I die, I will be analyzing the situation.  It’s how my brain works, and I am pretty good at looking ahead at what the ship will do.  It’s not a good thing, what is happening to ‘society’, but the ship is turning because everybody, even the city burning, crooked big mouth, non tax paying smooth brains, have to pay more for food and gas because of this shit.  Watch with me, to see what the idiots will come up with next.  



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