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Here’s my issue:  I cannot believe anything the ‘press’ or the ‘administration’ have to say.  Due to the latest ‘unbelievable’ polls of recent past (Biden’s word), the scuttlebutt has been that the Democrats need to reverse course in order to not be obliterated in the midterms.  Some pundits have even recommended that Biden fire ALL of his administration, laden with far left unthinkers as it is.  The thought was that even Biden has been ‘dragged’ too far left for his party to survive…hence the low approval rating.  I think we might be seeing some of the reversal now. 

Step one: Make Covid okay.  Well we see that happening, right?  I just saw a CDC report that unvaccinated people who have had Covid are as safe as vaccinated people who have not had the virus AND that getting a ‘vaccine’ after having had the actual virus makes zero difference.  Zip.  Duh.  Do you remember when I asked you when was the last time you had a polio ‘booster’?  That was months ago.

Step two:  If Biden becomes a warmonger, even under the guise of ‘saving the sovereignty and protecting the borders’ of Ukraine, then he has the ‘optics’ of being a strong, good guy.  But we all know our own borders are wide open and our own sovereignty gets no attention.  So I don’t buy that.  Sovereignty and borders do not matter to this administration, and certainly did not matter about Ukraine when Biden decided to bypass them with regard to the pipeline.  Does it make sense for Biden to destroy Ukraine’s financial strength and then run in to protect their borders?  Not to me.  But then I used the word ‘sense’.

Then…it is in the interest of Biden and his cronies, for things to remain as they are: the oil pipeline no longer goes through Ukraine, Russia is making tons of money (much of it ours by rights), and China is purring like a well fed kitten right now.  Russia is happy to be at ‘Biden peace’.  Nobody even gives Biden a glance.  And China surely loves having Biden, the puppet man in the white house.  Biden has served up America’s wellbeing on a silver platter to both Russia and China, particularly China.  So I don’t buy their posturing either.  It is far less expensive for both of those countries to keep Biden right on the course he is on.  And they may have to help him suddenly look strong; in other words I think there’s a plan here folks and war is not one of them.  I think ‘brinkmanship’ is at play and I think it’s a plan and I think all of the players are in on it…because Covid isn’t working anymore.   It is in Biden’s interest to ACT like he’s flexing flaccid aged skin.  Muscles are surely gone.  This would be a turnaround from his shrinking violet actions of the last year, while he did all he could to destroy our economy.

Yes, war is usually lucrative, a real money maker and a fantastic red herring.  But it’s not going to be lucrative for Democrats to ruin our economy and then put more of our young men in danger of death at war.  That’ll go over like a turd in the punchbowl.  Killing and abandoning more of our strong young men is NOT an option in the minds of most Americans.  Send Biden over there with a gun.  Let’s see how that goes. Or send HIS son.  Right now I’m wondering how Biden or his son would be received over there.

On the other hand, I have said for oh, about a year, that if another country did not try to conquer America now, they never will.  We are a weak laughingstock. But would China let Russia take America?  Would Russia let China have us?  Not seeing that one fly, either way.  As of now, they own us anyway.  Why mess up the democrats’ euphoria and a good thing for the other superpowers?  As of now we work for them, both of them.

Biden knows we don’t have the military might to divide our troops between Europe and Asia.  Our so called military ‘leaders’ know that too.  Doesn’t make sense. There’s that ‘sense’ word again.  

Brinkmanship.  That’s my prediction.  I remember Kennedy pulling off one similar to this.  Brink of nuclear war.  Kennedy stopped it.  History is still talking about it.

Let’s see what happens.  I’m not losing any sleep until the first missiles fly into America.  And I do not see that happening.  I think Biden is stumbling through an incoherent ‘victory’ speech right now, but he can’t remember what it’s for.  Seems like he’s following the playbook though.  Or rather he’s being pushed through it by his puppet masters, smiling with the creepy Chucky smile all the way.

I have a pentagon talking head on TV now.  Loaded with wiggle words: If, in the event, possible, it does not mean, if there’s a need, heightened alert….I HATE that. Wiggle words. Yeah, ‘heightened alert’.  Bullshit all around. This is the democrats trying to give themselves CPR.  Tell us something DEFINITIVE and stop rattling plastic sabres.  In a few days Biden will announce that he has saved the day.


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