“FLU SEASON” and the power of fear

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

I attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington for most of the 90’s, attending classes for my BS in Chemistry while I worked a full time job. During those years, each year, starting in October,  ‘the flu’ would rage through both the university and the corporation where I worked, with people certain to fall out of step for a few days while recovering.  SOMETIMES that ‘flu’ led to bronchitis.  In my case, it did every time.  So, when flu season arrived, I was always livid because I knew I’d be down for about a week.  But wait for it…I did not die.  Neither did any of my colleagues at work nor fellow students at UNC-W.

Don’t get me wrong, I was PISSED.  I don’t like being sick and I HATE going to a doctor.  ANY doctor.  I am a well and strong person and I like it that way.  I have things to do that a red nose and scratchy cough interfere with.  It made me angry that people would attend wherever without even covering his/her mouth while coughing.  But the point is, that bug spread like CRAZY until it burned through everyone, and then we went on with life.  There were no fear crazed bug-eyes above masks that don’t work anyway, no cowering in closets fearing death.  No.  We got our brief cases, book bags, tools, whatever, and walked into the venue knowing we were going to be struck down at some point and BIG DEAL.   No whining, no spitting, no cowards.  If we got sick we went to bed, and then we got up when we felt better and went back to work.  Oh, and shedding?  NOBODY talked about shedding and carrying.  You shed ALL the time, my friend.  ALL the time.  You should read about how much of yourself you leave behind you…all the time.  You will be amazed.  

I had Covid.  The ORIGINAL Covid and aside from the length of the chronic fatigue, it was no worse than some flu viruses I’ve had that DID seem to want to take me out.  I didn’t go to the doctor nor God forbid to the hospital.  I did not die. I’m one of the ‘long haulers’ in fact, slowly coming back to where I was before.  I get winded a bit more easily but getting better by degrees.  Here’s a surprise for you:  no intubation, no crying, no wailing and gnashing of teeth.  I don’t put chemicals into my body that are often guaranteed to take me out.  God, how hard is THAT to figure out?  

Let me just pull into the turn-out for a second:  I had a kidney stone.  I RAN to the doctor and took LOTS of pills until the stone passed.  I took pain meds AND antibiotics.  So I do have my limits, just so you know.  It takes surgery or a kidney stone to get synthetic chemicals into my body.  I’ll eat an ELEPHANT if I get a kidney stone.  Now back to the rant. Hahaha.

YES I KNOW there are at-risk people.  I get that.  What I will NEVER understand is how this nation of strength became populated with cowards who are incredibly easily manipulated.  Never would I have believed we would become a nation so afraid of our shadows that our doctor appointments are our SOCIAL calendar, and we’re so afraid that we think we’re not supposed to feel pain when have a bruise.  I’m glad my father, a war veteran, is not alive to see this cesspool this county has become.

Remember I said I was pursuing a chemistry degree? Well that means I’m data driven.  That means I know that this latest strain of covid is like a really bad cold…it’s like bronchitis.  Okay.  Still not bug eyed running for the closet to hide.  And hello, the ‘flu’ goes around every year.  Remember H1N1?  It killed a friend of mine.  BTW no fear mongering about THAT, just sensible warnings.  Nobody isolated. No masks.  What about the time Ebola came home to the US?  No masks, no shut downs.  Doesn’t that make you wonder at ALL?  No masks with EBOLA?  EBOLA DISSOLVES your internal ORGANS.  No masks.  Even the evil ones making viral WEAPONS won’t mess with EBOLA, and yet nobody panicked and told us to go get poked.

When was the last time you had a polio ‘booster’? 

I realize that the covid virus was most likely either BEING weaponized or WAS weaponized, but by God it put Ebola right out of business, AND all of the OTHER flu viruses.  Oh we’re free!  A silver lining.  Let me get back on track:  Yes, this original covid flu can be deadly, but so were the other types of flu for the ‘at-risk’ population.  And yes, the at-risk ones have to take precautions.  My sister is one of the at-risk.  She washes her hands, sanitizes, keeps her distance…and let me tell you, this women NEVER cowers.  Rather, she uses her brain.  Yea, I said brain.  No she doesn’t wear a mask UNLESS she’s in a crowd of crazy-eyes, but she’s intelligent so she keeps her HANDS off of her face, which is the ONLY good a mask does anyone anyway.

And I’m wondering.  If covid is an inflammatory illness and you put a tube down your throat, which causes irritation, isn’t that dangerous? That’s a legit question.  I don’t have any numbers on how  many intubated patients died, but I wonder if the intubation exacerbated the issue.  And how much anti-inflammatory was used in that process… 

Listen, I did Scanning Electron Microscopy for a living.  I KNOW how big the weave is in these ridiculous masks.  The virus can dance right through with a thousand friends.  They keep us from touching our nose and mouth, but what about our EYES?  OMG the eyes are a BIG entry point for a virus!  Better get goggles RIGHT NOW. If you are wearing a mask without goggles, you’re so vulnerable!  And because most people, I have discovered, are too stupid to cover their mouth when they cough, at least THEIR mask catches THEIR germs (some of them).  I, on the other hand, was taught to cover my mouth and anyway, I could SEE what comes flying out of the mouth of others when they DID NOT cover their mouth.  How stupid do you have to BE not to learn that lesson?  Look around you; the answer surrounds you.

I go down the rabbit trail far to easily

This virus has been politicized and offers up the pharma companies as a get-filthy-rich-while-I-am-in-office scheme.  Yes the flu numbers are huge.  But guess WHAT?  They were always huge during ‘flu season’.  The difference was we were not TRAINED to be scared little rats.  

And…anybody want to guess how many of the ‘covid’ cases are not really covid? Think about it: I dare you.  I just saw a post on social media where the woman said she had fever, nausea a cough…but tested negative for covid.  She wanted to know if anybody knew what it could be.  I slammed my laptop closed before the stupid could jump on me.  

I cite Florida.  That’s where the idiot coward politicians are running TO for vacation, so they can stop acting out their ‘play’ that’s designed to keep you frightened.  Grow a backbone and a brain.  You are NOT at the level of risk you’re being told you are.  At risk, not talking to you right now.  Florida has some of the BEST ‘numbers’ and they’re going on with normal life. Normal life, people.  They refuse to be manipulated.  Yay Florida!

80 percent of adults are now ‘poked’ (if you can believe the numbers) (you can’t), so now the target is children.  Oh God, will our pets be next?  Will they become the next invisible carriers of covid??  How WILL pharma keep making money off of this farce?  Oh wait, BOOSTERS.  And of course, other types of viruses that will force you to vaccinate and boost. Bring out your wallet!

What happens when another virus ‘escapes’ from a lab?  Will you then have to get your entire body filled with a synthetic chemical to be ‘safe’, virus after virus?  I mean look what happens when you get the first chemicals injected.  Oh wait, there’s no data on that.  

Do you remember thalidomide?  Yeah, a miracle drug that caused newborn babies of mothers who took it, to be born without ARMS.  But pregnant women LINED UP to take it. And it was their babies who paid the price for an untested drug. No, it didn’t hurt the ones who got poked; but some of their BABIES were born without arms.  Would you take that risk now?  Clearly, yes you would.

The original covid killed a lot of people.  Yes, we needed to be very cautious about that one, but that one is gone, and as all viruses do, the original has morphed.  It is now very contagious, but also much less harmful.  Everyone I know who has had it had symptoms of a “very bad cold”.  Kind of like, oh I don’t know, bronchitis maybe?  I get it.  We have to be careful, but for me, I’m not interested in creating a pharmaceutical government.  Wait.  Too late.  

Bottom line is this: 80-20 rule.  Eighty percent (approx) will follow along in lockstep while the other 20 percent will be divided between the ‘hell no’s’ and the ‘I don’t knows’.  Check my work.  Difference is the little ‘soldiers’ will scream and spit and act like they know what’s going on when they really don’t, trying to force the 20’s into going along.  That’s a great tool for pharma, by the way.  In other words, the 80’s don’t follow the data and I mean ALL of it, not just what shows up on one channel.  And fear is a GREAT tool for manipulators.

I believe what we have is a group of scaredy cats who grew up and are now in charge.  They’re called politicians.  They live in fear and can now impose that fright onto the world.  They were spoiled kids who never worked on a farm, I’ll wager, and were taught that they were SO smart, smarter than EVERYBODY else, that everything they said was GENIUS…and now they’re in charge.  Parenting is important, can I just say?  Let your kids make mud pies; it’ll make them better adults.  As for the lock step ‘soldiers’…how about this?  How about you look in the mirror at that big area behind your eyes.  That’s a brain.  Yes!  Isn’t it great?  And get this:  You get to USE IT!

My parents used to give us “something to cry about”.  Hahaha  Remember that?  Turns out it makes brave adults who never scream and spit at an 80 year old man on a plane.  And go to jail, by the way. Made MY day, I’ll tell you.  Funniest thing of all: That idiot screaming at the old guy didn’t have her mask over HER face.  You can’t make this shit up.  Somebody show that person where her brain is, will ya?  ANOTHER funny thing?  They were on a PLANE! Where they recirculate the air! HAHAHA.  I’m dying over here.  Planes are safe because if they were NOT safe, millions of dollars would be lost.  OOOPS, I said dollars, didn’t I?

Every time something scares you, you should ask who benefits from the ‘cure’.  If it is a politician, don’t do it.  And it will be a politician.  

How about this: We wear our masks THROUGH the restaurant UNTIL we get to our table.  Then we take it off and breathe into the SAME air we just walked through that is being recirculated throughout the room…and we’re SAFE!  HAHAHA.  Because we’re sitting DOWN.  HAHAHA.  We were always safe people.  

And here’s a question for you: How do the politicians know that people who are vaccinated are less likely to get the virus?  I mean, what if they were never even exposed to it?  You can’t prove a negative.  Oh and wait.  A thought is coming….oh yeah!  Vaccinated people ARE getting the virus.  That’s RIGHT!  But their symptoms are less severe, you say?  Well yeah, it’s a different strain.  The one you are NOT vaccinated for.  hahaha.  And the numbers are going up so high the politicians are dancing with glee, I mean, feeling concerned. hahaha.  But how is this possible? We are VACCINATED!

And how do they know the symptoms will be less severe if they DO get sick?  How do they know that the new strain is not just less severe to BEGIN WITH?  They can NOT prove this shit, people.  They are SELLING so called vaccines and boosters.  And they are testing how much manipulation the population will swallow.  I say 80 percent-ish.  Some of the 80’s have found their brains.  So it might be 70-30 soon.

Fauci is now the highest paid government official.  HAHAHA.  And he has changed his story too many times to COUNT.  And CITIZENS ‘must’ be vaccinated but NOT people illegally entering the country because, well “that’s different”.  HAHAHA.  And he’s the highest paid governmental official.  You can’t make this shit up.  By the way, it is the UN-vaccinated who will show the world the true nature of the virus strain.  Think about that.

There will ALWAYS be viruses.  There always have been and always will be.  Better just make sure the mad scientists…yes, scientists…aren’t weaponizing them.  They are, by the way.  And…viruses can get into bunkers, in case you were wondering.  Hahaha.  I mean, you have to laugh at some of the ridiculousness.   

Listen, if we have another killer, meaning we see the dead bodies stacked up where the virus begins, then I will lock down, for sure. But these money making schemes and the cowards who fall down in tantrums just plain piss me off.  Bet you could tell that.  I’m a pretty smart cookie.  I can tell when there’s a turd in the punch bowl I’m being offered.

This whole blog entry is wasted.  The smart ones already know it and the cowards will wail and gnash teeth.


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