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Well, the news just gets worse and worse.  We find out that interest rates have risen again, that gas prices have risen again, inflation is the worst in 40 years, food prices are through the roof, and now, if we can get the things we need, they will have experienced ‘shrink-flation’.  Have you heard that term?

It means that bread slices will be so small they’ll be like crackers…or so it will seem.  They’ve already shrunk way below what they once were, so we’ll see.  Packages of dried beans will look like a bag of M&Ms, a can of tuna will be teensy…you get the idea.  But you’ll PAY the same…or more.  

Lenders are laying off personnel because loan applications are down and real estate agents will see progress for buyers slow or even stop. Many new agents will not be able to make it in the biz at all.  And buyers will drop out of the purchases.  Sharp rises in rates make a huge difference in payment and ability to qualify for the loan in the FIRST place.  You know I’m already riled up about my first time buyers and first time move-up buyers, most of whom are pushed out of the market altogether.

Listen, I TRY to find positive in everything I can, and in this situation I realize that this will pass.  It has to.  Meanwhile the agenda to save the planet seems to be hurting everyone except the wealthy.   You know, the enemy of the state who don’t pay taxes, we’re told?   Who can afford an electric car?  Oh THOSE people.  And we pay for the electric charging stations they use for free.  Think about this stuff.  Solar panels, windmill farms, electric cars won’t matter if people are starving or done in by astronomical crime increases.  If I wanted to take over a population with my military might, this is how I would do it.  Just like what is happening.  But I digress.

I realize that the ‘news’ is sensational, that things are never as bad as the ‘news’ would have us believe, and at least for now, I’m okay.  Still there are some things hitting me in the face every time I open my refrigerator or go to the dreaded grocery store…or God forbid, fill up my car with gas.  Having said all of that, let me encourage you to consider these things:

  1. Amazon is here, with all of the employees having bought or trying to buy homes.
  2. Google is here, with all of the employees having bought or trying to buy homes.
  3. Facebook, excuse me, META, is coming, with all of the employees trying to buy homes.
  4. The aircraft manufacturing plant is coming, with some portion of 1800 planned employees, needing homes.
  5. Interest rates be damned, people have to have homes.  
  6. We could all stand to stop eating so much we are an obese society.  So maybe we cut back.
  7. I wish I could get solar power, but I’m in a townhouse.  But I’m thinking about that little issue.  Right now, no dice.
  8. Last year we had 70 people every DAY coming here to find a place to live….It’s gotta be more now.  
  9. We are in holiday doldrums…that’s between Memorial Day and July 4.
  10. My cats don’t seem to notice any of this stuff.
  11. My interest rate was I THINK 17% when I bought my first home, and I had perfect credit.  BUT home prices were reasonable, too.

What I am saying is that homes will still be bought.  The problem for my first time buyers is that there is NO PRODUCT they can begin to afford.  What a travesty that a first-time home has a 4 in the first number on average and a THREE on the low end.  That’s just crazy.  

Try to think of a way to get into a home even WITH rising rates, and don’t lose hope.  That’s the worst thing to do.  I talked about creative problem solving once before; we’re going to have to do that.  And don’t swallow all of the panic that’s being pumped onto us right now.  That’s on purpose, and we don’t need that on top of everything else.

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