How Do You Like Me NOW?

I got up early.  Thanks cats.  I have the most comfy throw I use to cover up with at night and my cats confiscate it during the night.  I wake up chilly and cramped into a small corner of the bed and my cats? Well they look INCREDIBLY comfy and snoozy on my little velvet throw.  Warms my heart.  You cat people know exactly what I mean.

But I’m up.  Up before 5 today, and cleaning out ONE THOUSAND emails from my iCloud account. Unsubscribe to one, ten more rush in.  It’s open borders even in the email world.  But you know, you can’t help but read the titles, no matter how hard you try not to, and that gets you thinking.  Oh, it gets about 15% of us thinking.  The rest are just mules on the cart path it seems.

OH HOW CAN I SAY THAT???  Wellllll, here’s how. (here I go again).  I heard a talking head (one of the 80 percent) on the ‘news’ hack hack hack cough cough, saying that “Americans are taking the economy in stride.”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  If that’s true, the smooth brains have actually taken over completely.

I’m not taking any of this crap in stride.  I don’t use OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY to make ends meet; I use my own.  It’s just me, what I EARN by working.  So no, there’s no taking anything in stride.  PARTICULARLY because this is senseless, deliberately inflicted pain on the middle class by a bunch of greedy entitled assholes.  They’re millionaires many times over, and nah, they don’t really know how we feel.  How could they?  Most of them have never hit a lick at real work in their entire 110 years in politics.  Don’t get me started on that. You know how it is when you see your bank account bump up…remember those days?  It’s a good feeling.  Imagine how you would feel when it bumps up by several hundred thousand a day because you have stock in the company (pharma, renewable energy) that you are forcing people to use.

Is there anybody else in the room here?  Does anybody out there look beyond the end of the nose and actually think about things?  At all?  Oh yeah, all of the smooth brains rushing to get into politics.  THOSE folks get it.  That’s the reason to get into “government” now.  Get elected, take your money.

The middle class are the backbone of America.  We are the workers, we are the consumers. And we’re as gullible as two year olds.  And the puppet masters love that about us.  Once we fall, America falls. That’s elementary.  Better start using that gray stuff inside your skull for something besides ballast.

I have had zero internet for a month now (way to go Centurylink), so I’m not watching TV, or at least contemporary TV.  You can get the oldies on antenna TV which is mostly what I can watch if I bother to turn on the thing.  And I was thinking…there I go again…that I don’t really need it.  Even for weather.  If I go out and my hair frizzes, the humidity is high.  If it gets wet, rain.  If not either of those, I go buy something to plant in my garden.  And I don’t have to hear the freaking idiots trying to either parrot what someone ELSE said, or talk the same worn out tired ‘party line’ crap…or try to get me worked up about something I can do nothing about.  When I fill up my car with gas, I know whom to vote for in the next election and whom to kick out.  When I buy food, same thing.  For those of you who are ‘taking it in stride’, those free food lines are going to dry up folks, and soon you won’t be able to buy gas to drive anywhere.  PAY AFREAKINGTENTION.  

I’m hearing it will take 5 years minimum for this crap to flush down the toilet.

And one more thing.  Stop having babies if you can’t afford the babies.  That’s Michael Jackson folks.  And that, my friends, is the reason for all of this crap.  Too many people. Think about that for a second.  Oh no!  I said it. hahaha.  Well that’s actually being talked about these days: Overpopulation.

You can’t make this crap up.  How many times do you think humanity has destroyed itself?  That’s your question for the day, and yeah, that’s two.

Okay three.  I’m using my personal hotspot for internet.  And wow, it’s great.  AND cheaper.  Imagine my surprise that I can live without the greedy big dogs.


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