The Value of a Real Estate Agent Referral

Hi everybody. I hope this post finds you well. I just wanted to do a quick post to remind potential real estate buyers or sellers about the value of a referral.

Keep in mind that agents, we boots on the ground, know a LOT about the market, other agents and agencies, and we get to know YOU. If your agent isn’t bothering to get to know you, they’re not very good agents and you’re not being served as well as you could be. Period. Remember that we are licensed in the STATE of NC, not just a single town. When your friends and family decide to make a move, your agent knows you and can find out about your friend or family member by actually talking with you about it. Then we have the connections to find an agent who will serve your friend or family member best IF we are not able to. And remember this also means out of state referrals!

Let me give you an example, and I don’t want to hear anything about stereotyping either. I live in this world. A senior buyer or seller is VASTLY DIFFERENT from a young or first time client. It takes an entirely different skill set to work with seniors. Seniors are far more cautious; they often are in a limited income situation; and they don’t always understand the structure within which the process happens. You’ve got to watch their budget and you have to not rush them! Young people, on the other hand, because they often have no experience with the process, need a LOT of information and guidance. They are revving the engine and we had better be able to keep up. Fascinating. It’s labor intensive, to use that phrase, but one of my favorites. I love young folks with ambition and drive. It gives me a good feeling about life in general. BUT…the two genres are different. And there’s every situation between, by the way.

So, let us find an agent who will help you best. We have a referral network, and when I call my folks, they are WONDERFUL about finding a good match. It might be a patient and compassionate agent good with seniors, or it might be a young firecracker who can jog beside first time buyers through the technical points of a transaction. We know our people and we can help you find the perfect match.

Give us a shot. We care about you having a great experience.

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