I Was Just Thinking….

I was looking at quotes online, things people say about life.  I noticed how many all-or-nothing quotes there were.  Like this: Either you grab it with both hands and swing or you miss it.  Or: We were meant to live life in vivid, living color or not at all.  Not exact quotes, but you get the drift.  After reading a couple hundred of them I had to stop reading.  Life is not like that.  In fact I think this idea of complete gusto, full living color, fireworks and loud music stuff rarely happens… for sane people, at least.

Life is not black or white, all or nothing.  Rather, it’s filled with infinite shades between, infinite amounts of life.  Sometimes its painful, or boring or lonely or stalled.  It just is.  I can’t imagine living as though I have to swing from the rafters every day, day in and day out.  How exhausting that would be, and how much great stuff on the ground would I miss?  The few times when life actually is all out, are great, and should be savored when they’re good.  But there’s max-out bad, too…and everything between…and THAT is life.  Like it or not.

If you’re being chased through the jungle by a cannibal, it would be great to be just greenish gray.  Imagine how “vivid color” would work for you.  You get the idea.

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