Driving on Ice

What a great time to talk about ice…when you feel like you’re frozen.  But you know… we’ve had some opportunity once again to see how the human mind (doesn’t) work.  Here’s how.

First of all, a sheet of ice is not the same thing as a few inches of fluffy snow, and while you shouldn’t drive fast in either, if you MUST overdrive conditions, it’s better to do it in snow.  Not snow dusted on top of ICE, like we had, but just pure snow…which we didn’t have.  BUT!

How many SUVs zipped by you as you carefully made your way home in the ice storm?  Welllll, I can’t remember EXACTLY, but I can say that EVERY car that did ZIP by me was an SUV…or a 4-wheel-drive monster pick-up truck.

People.  Four wheel drive does NOT KEEP YOU FROM SLIDING ON ICE.  No, it doesn’t.  No.  Don’t argue with me.  I know physics.

Really, I don’t care if YOU slide, even if its into the ditch, because if you’re driving too fast, well, you kind of deserve it.  Unless your kids are in the car with you, in which case you should be spanked immediately by every passing driver who wants to stop.  I kind of like that idea.

The PROBLEM with the smooth-bain speeders is the sane people, the ones driving at a safe speed, that they crash into when they lose control of their four wheel drive.  Last year, I was sitting STILL and was in a head-on collision.  WHY?  Somebody driving TOO FAST ON A SHEET OF ICE SLID INTO THE FRONT OF MY CAR.  People!  Did you go to school at all?

Oh, and here’s a good one for you.  If you ARE driving too fast and the light turns red, as traffic lights are wont to do…yes, that’s a word…well then you are supposed to STOP.  if you are driving like a bat out of Hell, you’re gonna have to either run the light (risk killing someone), or slam on brakes on ICE and risk killing somebody by sliding into them.  I mean, are people really this stupid?

Why yes they are!  I don’t know why I’m laughing right now.  Well at least this time most of the smart people stayed home and let the smooth brains have the rink…I mean road.  And if you passed someone yelling, “You idiot!” well that was me.

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