Language, crucified.

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They were killed in their droves.  That’s what the ad said about mosquitoes.  ON MY TV!  Not, “They were killed IN DROVES.”  What does ‘in their droves’ even MEAN and has any single person even asked that freaking question?  Answer: NO!  Why?Because nobody even knew the comment made no sense.  Droves means large quantities.  It comes from old English, or maybe ancient tongues.  In their droves…oh my god.  No, the mosquitoes were “killed in droves”.  And whether or not that was even true, well that’s another posting.  That’s about advertising and …I can’t talk about that right now.  But, thing is, they will sell a freaking bazillion of the things that kill mosquitoes in their droves.

Same as this sentence in an interview: “When I thought about it, I wonder what that meant….”  Started out past tense, second part: present tense.  This was also on my television.  It’s not bad enough that our society is being undermined by idiots, our very language is being corrupted and dumbed into oblivion.  Forget ‘down’.  It’s being flushed by idiots, dumbed into oblivion (mixed metaphor).  What the ‘actual hell’ do they teach in school anyway?  

I like ‘actual’ being used as an adjective though.  I’m okay with that. BUT I DIGRESS.  And I’m losing my hair from STRESS.

And I refuse to call a SINGULAR person ‘they’ (plural), or ‘their’ (also plural), or ‘them’ (also plural).  Why will this upset people?  Because they don’t know what singular and plural MEAN.  These IDIOTS are screaming at us to call them (yes, plural) a MISNOMER.  Kill me now.  I’m going to jail; I just know it.

Nobody gets to police my psyche NOR my grammar.  I’m sick of it; I’m tired of idiots trying to take over my language, my thoughts, my opinions.  Nope, I’m going to jail.  I just know it.  LOL.  Uh oh.  There’s an acronym.

Here’s one.  Say we lost our keys.  Say we have a tendency to lose stuff.  We don’t LOOSE things; we LOSE things.  This is not rocket science.  Oh we LOOSE things because we’re not TO smart.  If you don’t see a problem with that, step away from this article.  What do college professors do when people turn in essays or technical papers with this crap in them?  Oh yeah, EVERYBODY GETS A TROPHY, damnit.   

Then ONE DAY these idiots are going to prescribe PILLS for you and diagnose your ILLNESSES.  They’re going to tell you that you have RBKD (because people are too lazy to speak words and they want to use acronyms for everything.)  RBKD means really bad kidney disease.  I made that up.  And acronym has three syllables.  If that stumped you, go back to …well I was going to say school but never mind.  SO, if a ‘doctor’ tells you you have RBKD, you should ask, “Well, doc, how do you know?” And after you are slapped for QUESTIONING, Doc might say, “Duh because I checked these three boxes.  Take these three pills.  That’ll be a thousand dollars.”  AND YOU WILL PAY.

What the ACTUAL HELL is going on?  What does ANYBODY DO in school??  Oh wait, I know.  Indoctrination.  Uh oh,  Five syllables.   Can you say HOME SCHOOL?

Speaking of science, I read an article in a scientific magazine DECADES AGO that said humans would breed intelligence out of existence until we are too dumb to come in out of the rain.  I remember laughing and then thinking, “Hmmmm”.   It’s not TO bad to be in the rain, unless it’s 33 degrees out.  And I KNOW.  I did that on purpose to see whether or not you would notice.  By the way, if you stay out in 33 degree rain, you DIE. That’s for the recent graduates.

Well, I’m looking around and thinking, “OMG they were right!”  And I USED THE ACRONYM for OH MY GOD!  I’ve been assimilated!  Uh oh, another five syllable word. Well it happened so GRADUALLY.  OMG that’s four syllables.

So, pharmaceutical companies are trying to make us wait FIFTY YEARS before they tell us the truth about the so-called vaccines.  Bet you didn’t know THAT was happening, did you?  Oh well it’s not being REPORTED.  FIFTY YEARS!  But thank goodness, that’s being fought in court, by people who, like me, had to EARN our trophies.  It pays to dig around for actual facts, and that’s ACTUAL actual, if you follow me.  The truth is out there.  And in case you didn’t notice, I’ve been tooling around on the internet this evening and smoke is billowing out of my ears.  What the actual hell?  I like that.  I’m gonna use it a lot.

So, HAGN (have a good night) and if you don’t, WTOY (well that’s on you).


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