CATCH UP, Justice System


My name is Brenda and I’m a true crime junky.  There, I said it.  I pay attention to what happens in our society and I believe in staying ahead of the times technologically.  So now, every time I turn around, criminals are whining about needing a CHANGE OF VENUE, so they can have an UNINFLUENCED JURY,  so they can have a FAIR TRIAL.  Meanwhile victims wait and wait and wait and wait, for their grief to be plowed up years down the road.  That’s bull.  

If you’re gonna do that, do NOT let pre-trial incarceration count towards the ultimate sentence.  And how about we consider the victims?

Listen up:  Surprise!  We have social media, we have an intelligent and engaged society who pay attention and have interest in victims getting justice.  And we can follow law enforcement press conferences and updates, and we can see the principals talking on the news or on social media.  We can email the police chief and the sheriff.  We get to see them talking, read their body language, decide whether they are bold face liars or not.  Oh my God I’ve seen some doozies.  Good thing we now get a TON of information, both true and untrue.  That’s the nature of the beast now.  That’s a GOOD thing.  Crime sleuths online have done some AMAZING THINGS.  Chris Watts:  The online community shouted collectively, “GUILTY!” when we saw that ridiculous interview.  And of course we were right.  What about little Quinton Simon’s mother and that RIDICULOUS fake crying?  Again, we shouted, “Guilty!!”  Gonna be right on that one too.  Serene and Classic, those adorable boys?  Yeah, that interview was telling too.

We, the potential jurors are observant.  Can we be fair?  Damn right we can.  Stop treating us like we’re stupid.  We are NOT stupid.  Show me the facts, show me the evidence.  So what if I have ‘formed an opinion’.  Opinions are just that: Opinions.  Facts pointing out error can foment a change of opinion, and isn’t that what prosecutors are supposed to do.  Prove guilt?    What are you worried about then?  Do your job.

I have a suggestion: Get better at spotting the leeches.  Weed out the ones hoping to get a book deal.  Get better at figuring out who is actually going to be able to be fair.  Ask for examples, real ones, about when a deeply held opinion was changed.  If a potential juror can’t come up with one, bounce him and move on!   

And for  God’s sake get rid of the unanimous decision rule.  ONE person can sway the course of justice?!?  Have you LOOKED at society lately???  The latest school shooter trial dodging the death penalty was a travesty.  ONE person did that.  

However you decide to do this, it’s time to catch up.  We have a level of connectivity in society we could never have imagined a decade ago.  It’s here and it’s not going away.  So, Justice system catch up or step aside in favor of AI.  Give more time for jury selection and LEARN HOW TO DO IT.  Stop spending taxpayers’ money to change the venue, to sequester the jury, to bog down the process and cause victims more grief.  Get your shit together and learn how to do voir dire.  I’m not the only one who appreciates truth.

One last thing:  If a lawyer says “quite frankly” more than once, can we just chase him out of the courtroom???? Yeah, talking about the Vallow Daybell case.  

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