This Season…

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Guys, I am a huge fan of letting our body do its job when we are ill.  Our body is a miraculous, amazing, self-healing creation if our immune system is well.  I don’t run to the doctor unless I have no choice…like a kidney stone.  But listen, this is flu season.  So being careful is not NOT trusting our body to do its job; it’s exercising intelligent caution.  

Every time I go in the grocery store, I wipe down the cart handle with a sanitizing wipe, and I sanitize my hands before and after going in the store.  I’m not masking at this time, but it may come to that…keeping in mind that the masks only keep our hands off of our face, nothing else.  But that’s huge!  This new strain of flu is BRUTAL.  I’ve had Covid twice, neither was as bad as this one.  So be careful!

When I attended UNC-W, I practically put OCTOBER FLU on my calendar, because it raced through the campus every single year in October.  And I ALWAYS got it.  People would NOT stay home when they were sick, and of course there were no ‘protocols’ at that time either, pre-Covid.  But remember there are other viruses besides Covid.  I had a flu virus several years ago, again, pre-Covid, that I thought I would not survive.  I remember falling asleep one of those days thinking I wouldn’t wake up.  It was that bad.  My sister has one like that now.  It’s killing me not to go stay with her; but she threatens me: I’m not allowed to come near her.  She’s wise and I am terribly worried.  And if I were to go take care of her, I would surely bring the virus home with me as well.  So yeah, isolation is best.

So please do this:  Put some hand sanitizer in your car console and use it every time you leave your car, and every time you get back in the car.  Keep your hands to yourself as much as you can; remember the viruses can live on ‘things’ for a period of time.  Imagine someone sneezing on everything and act accordingly. Above ALL, if you are SICK…STAY HOME FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!  What seemed manageable to your system might be fatal to someone else’s.  

I have a stash of cold/flu OTC treatments in my pantry, so if I get sick, I don’t have to go out or have someone shop for me.  I’m about as far from being a crybaby or drug seeker as you can get.  I don’t put synthetic drugs into my body, or any other kind of drug for that matter, unless I’m forced to…like kidney stone pain meds.  But this mess is serious.  Please take precautions and stay well.  Love yourself and others enough to take precautions.

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