Jeannie Robertson

I just found a Youtube video honoring Jeannie Robertson, and I was mortified.  She died, or ‘passed’ as she would say, and I had no idea.  It’s too soon; she needs to be here a lot longer.  She just can’t be gone.  “NO!”, I said.  No.

I loved her humor, loved how funny she was without ever uttering foul language or putting anyone down with vicious gossip.  She talked about everyday life…with a little twist…and she was hilariously believable, friendly, approachable.

I cried during her online service and then I went to her Youtube channel and subscribed so her videos would pop up in my feed.  One of her funniest was “Never Send a Man to the Grocery Store”.  I watched it again.  I knew the bit, but I watched it anyway, and laughed and laughed.  Even after death, she brings humor to a bleak world and made me laugh through my tears.

She affectionately referred to her husband as “Left Brain”, because he was an engineer with a PhD.  Analytical and literal in many ways, I suppose.  They are both gone now, and the world is a sadder place; but Heaven is brighter.

If you haven’t seen the grocery store bit, really, you need to watch it.  You’ll laugh, but don’t forget to notice the wonderful woman who tells the story.  She was amazing.  And Left Brain was always there at her performances, laughing right along with everyone else.  He left us in June.

Death is a terrible thing, circulating among us as it does, taking our favorite people from us, reminding us of the ‘circle of life’.  I miss the ones who have left this place, gone on to the next dimension.  I really miss them.  And it doesn’t seem like a ‘circle of life’ at all.  Then I remember that we are all made of energy, which goes on somewhere, and we don’t end.  I don’t feel much better right now, but I will.  Heaven, or whatever name you give it, is real, and there are some fine people there.

Watch Jeannie’s videos.  If you’ve never seen her before, you’ll be sorry you missed her in life.  But fortunately we have her on audio and video.  Fortunately she is here in those ways for as long as we are here and longer.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Jeanne Robertson had died I did not know about that she always made me laugh as you know

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