Real Estate Commissions

If you are a buyer, sitting with your agent to write an offer, PLEASE do not insinuate that your agent is a crook because she’s getting paid to drive your transaction, a.k.a. do her job.  First of all, real estate agents deserve to make a living, just like you do.  I guarantee you wouldn’t work for nothing.  Second you, buyer, do NOT pay the commission under ordinary circumstances (unless you agree to!).  The SELLER pays buyer agenCY commissions.  Yes, thats agenCY and commissionS (plural)  So when you take out your calculator an start punching in numbers know this:

The amount listed pays both the LISTING and SELLING side commissions, paid to the COMPANIES, not to that one person trying to HELP you.  That person makes a LOT less than you think she does.

AND..the person you are accusing of being crooked doesn’t get that amount you think you know. There’s a commission split, worked out with the AGENCY, and that agent gets a small part of it.  You’re out of line trying to tell someone what they make, when in reality you have NO idea.

Further…commissions are negotiable!  Did you know that the SELLER of the home you want to buy, and who PAYS the commissions, has already had the right to negotiate commissions?  Yes!  But buyers/sellers who understand real estate NEVER negotiate.  They just don’t.  They know what they’re paying for and what they will be getting in return.  The most savvy buyers and sellers are glad to pay for the services we provide.

Sellers, if you want K-mart service, go ahead and negotiate commissions down. You get what you pay for.  But know that many of us will not list your home if we have to pay your way (of course not!).  And yes, our listing marketing comes out of OUR pocket, FOR YOU, until we close.  And we don’t charge you interest on that, by the way.

I’m frankly sick of people assuming I should work for nothing when they have no idea how many hours I put in to a transaction or how much work I’m doing on their behalf.  I’m on call pretty much 24 hours/day.   We agents get calls, texts, emails at ALL hours of the day and night to help YOU (while you sleep or while you are on vacation), from inspectors, attorneys, landscapers, repair people, other agents…it doesn’t stop.  Every agent you meet with, has spent money out of her pocket just to be there…for you. Every one.  I even stage homes, FREE! when most stagers will charge you 4 figures.  Imagine that.

Please don’t insult us.  Please don’t call us crooked and dishonest.  If you have a QUESTION about how commissions work, by all means ask!  But If you want  go-cart, service, please go to a go-cart agency.  If you come to my agency, expect to pay for our services, because we are FIRST CLASS and we get the job done.  If I started out my first meeting with you calling you a liar and a cheat, we wouldn’t get too far.   Treat me the way I treat you: with dignity and respect.  Or, we can make other arrangements.


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