I can’t tell you how many times I search and search and search for ranch style homes under 300 thousand and ANY homes under 180 thousand in Raleigh…to no avail!  These homes just don’t exist in the more sought-after areas and in good shape.  In fact, I can’t even find fixer-uppers anymore.  They are being nabbed by house flippers!  I doubt we will see this strength on the seller side again in our lifetime.

This an opportunity for potential sellers to top-out on selling price…in some cases the homes will NEVER be worth more than they are RIGHT NOW!  Interest rates have dropped, people are ready to buy, everyone understands that they need to be pre-qualified and are doing it ahead of time…WHERE ARE THE LISTINGS??

I need listings, yes, but the bigger issue is that sellers FINALLY have the pendulum swung to their advantage and they’re not capitalizing on it!  Remember when you had to hand over your firstborn child in order to get a buyer for your home?  Well it’s the other way around now, just like I said it would be.  If you have any inclination to sell your home, this is the time to make the most dollars.

If you want to sell, contact me and I will do a market analysis for you.  You will be surprised.  Happens every time.


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