Rob Ford…I had to do it…sorry

Sorry.  I mean everybody’s got to be hearing this train wreck story.  And  you know me.  I have to put in my two cents worth.  Who else am I going talk to if I can’t talk to you anyway?  Well I talk to my Boo kitty but he’s so easy going, there’s just not much back and forth there.

Now granted, we only get the news (spun) version of the ‘truth’, but we did get benefit of seeing Rob’s video behavior.  So it’s comment worthy and nobody’s reading this anyway because I’m not famous yet. 🙂  And I’m going to call him Rob because, well, I’ve lost all respect for this person I only know through the news. Mister Mayor is DEFINITELY out.  He looks like a pale, bloated, sweaty addict is what he looks like.  And he’s a brat.  Now he might NOT be an addict, but I nailed three out of four characteristics, you have to admit.

So…what struck me about ALLLLL of this…well one of the things…was his comment about how he asked all of the council members to be drug-tested.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  Is this guy twelve???  It’s not about the other council members; it’s about Rob Ford! My head is still exploding and that happened days ago.  This is an affiliation tactic, used by a lot of law breakers, to make what they do okay in their minds…which are very small but also at the center of the whole universe. It goes like this: Well THEY’RE doing it so it must be okay for ME to do it too.  You’ve probably heard your TWELVE YEAR OLD try that one.  Give me a break.  This guy is a MAYOR???  He was ELECTED?  People of Toronto, what’s WRONG with you?  What were you thinking?  Wait, we have Anthony Weiner.  Okay, I take that back. Hahaha.  Still laughing about that one. And hey, Weiner didn’t get elected.  At least we have that going for us.

But don’t you think life is fascinating?  Aren’t we humans just so interesting?  Never a dull moment. But okay, now I have to say ‘these guys’ because I went and brought Weiner into it, but here goes. These guys are toast, and yet they insist on sticking around.  I find that endlessly amusing, I really do.  People are carrying SIGNS, okay?  They are protesting Rob Ford.  It’s time to go.  Really.  Listen, I’ve never had anybody carry a sign about me, but I’m thinking only one sign, only one time, would make me rethink my position.  Just sayin’.

Oh, I know, there’s that center of the universe thing in these guys’ minds, but that’s really supposed to go away by the time you are say TWENTY?  I mean, in a psychologically mature mind, egocentricity goes away at some point (theoretically) and grown ups realize that what they say and do…everything they say and do… has an effect on others.  If you believe in the butterfly effect, it has an effect on EVERYBODY IN THE UNIVERSE.  That’s what you call other-orientation.  And I would think that would be a good quality to have in a job like, oh, I don’t know…PUBLIC SERVICE.

Forget about the drugs for a second and just look at this behavior.  Good old Rob is breaking the LAW and justifying it because he’s assuming other people are too??  Well what are you going do when he commits murder?  Other people do that too!  It’s okay!  Look at the prisons! They’re full of murderers so I can’t be that bad!  So I studied marketing and affiliation is a GREAT marketing ploy.  You just say, “Everybody’s getting one!” and sure enough, you can sell tons of them…whatever they are.  Now I’m not saying Rob Ford knows jack about marketing because I don’t think he’s that smart;  I’m just talking about affiliation.  Rob’s twelve.  There’s a difference between juvenile and marketing, and maybe that marketing tactic was stolen from the twelve year olds, who knows.

The longer I live the more I wonder how humankind manages to survive even a thunder storm.  Why don’t we drown?  I mean, why don’t we stand outside and inhale the water until we drown?  Rob Ford could lead the charge.  I mean, fish inhale water all the time!  It must be okay! Ask Rob!  He’ll tell you. Let’s get those guys TESTED.

I think it’s a crying shame that somebody like this got elected.  In Canada, no less.  I thought these people paid attention more than we do in America.  I could take one look at this guy and wonder where his stash is hidden.  He’s a poster boy for absence of self control.  And now somebody else has popped up.  He’s admitting to being an alcoholic.  My ex said it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission; that’s his mantra.  Sounds like they read the same book…or looked at the same pictures.

I’m getting so tired of these egotistical, spoiled brats going after elected positions so they can abuse power and fund their illegal and unethical behaviors at the tax payers’ expense.  Dr. Drew said that these kinds of jobs tend to attract this particular personality type. That’s sad.  We’ve done that; we have allowed these elected positions to become celebrity spotlights and we’ve forgotten to really know these candidates before we cast the votes.  There should be some element of qualification for the job, and people who are in charge of making the laws others are expected to follow, should be law-abiding themselves.  I didn’t make that up; one of Dr. Drew’s panelists said that.  I though it was pretty profound. Pretty sure she doesn’t inhale the rain during a thunderstorm.

Hey, I have an idea.  Let’s put the politicians outside in a storm without their umbrella holders….just see what they do.  All it takes is one to look up and sniff in the rain and they’ll alllll do it.  It’ll be fine!  Just wait and see.

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