Property Values

I have to get this off my chest. 

We live in a metropolitan area, one of the best!  As such, there are highways everywhere!  Not surprisingly, there are many homes which back up to these thoroughfares and many agents insist on fomenting the idea that because there is a highway in close proximity, the property is not only not as valuable, but downright appalling.  I call major BS on that.  Not everybody sees fellow drivers as the Devil! Some of us don’t give two hoots about traffic noise, and a great house is still a great house, even WITH a highway nearby.

Where do we get off saying we love the area but let the ‘other ones’ buy the houses near the highways…you know, one of the infrastructure aspects that MAKE this a great place to live??  That attitude affects our real estate market and it’s making smoke come out of my ears!

If one desires to live in a metropolitan area, then surely one would expect there to be metropolitan STUFF like HIGHWAYS and STREETS.  I think it would be a grand idea for agents to stop badmouthing these properties and let clients make up their own minds.

Here’s an example of a bad agent conversation:  Client: Oh no!  It backs up to a highway!  Agent: You’re right.  It’s noisy!  Let’s leave. 

How about a GOOD agent conversation:  Client: Oh no!  It backs up to a highway!  Agent:  True, but it gives you quick access for commuting and by the way…how much time do you spend outside?  Client: Hardly any.  Only when we’re grilling out.  Agent:  How quiet do you need it to be for grilling out?  Client: Not quiet at all.  We usually have loud music playing. 

Case closed.  Try overcoming the objective with some good solid communication and you might find out there IS no objection. Marketing 101 folks.

The bottom line is that there are some fantastic homes in close proximity to highways.  During your ‘quiet’ times, guess what? The highway will also be quieter because it’s everyone else’s quiet time too!  So agents, remember your job is to protect our market…meaning our property values.  ALL of them.  So don’t be the grinch out there. 


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