This is Boo.  He’s twelve years old and the photo to the right is of him playing a cat game on the IPad.  If he touches the swimming fish just right, it sinks from view and comes back a different color and moving a bit faster. It took him about two minutes to figure out that looking UNDER the IPad is a far more efficient way of catching these elusive fish.  And of course, he’s hooked on gaming. Now, he taps my laptop screen hoping to excite the pond to action, even though, alas, there is no fish pond on the Dell.  It’s really fun to have a gaming cat; the problem is that he’s trying to muscle in on my work time at home, so we ‘argue’ over who gets to use the computer.  I win but it’s only because I’m the biggest.

Some cats are very bright, as is Boo.  I understand that they typically have a vocabulary in the triple digits, and that’s the ones they let us KNOW they know.  I can even get Boo to ‘stay’.  He lays down, and he stays, but I can see it in his face: He’s not happy about it.

Try the Friskies game if you have an IPad and a smart cat.  It’s pretty fun to watch.  And…it’s the only way you’re going to believe that cats can love video games.

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