A matter of character…

Okay, I’m fairly sure everybody has at least heard about Anthony Weiner’s infidelity, dishonesty, faux pas, little mistake, dispicable behavior…whatever you want to call it.  These are some of peoples’ responses I’ve heard on the news and around the table.  But the one that bothered me most was a response by a woman who said something like this: “Yes, his behavior was dispicable, but I think we need people like him in Washington, people who will stand up for the rights of his people.”  My head began to explode right there…righhht there.  “Get off of my television!”  I yell that a lot when I watch the news. It’s cathartic.  But you can’t fix stupid, no matter how much you yell at the TV.

I’m screaming inside my head on this one, BECAUSE, there’s the little problem of LOGIC…also known as COMMON SENSE.  Here’s why I’m screaming: This man lied in a huge way when he married, pledging himself to a life of fidelity to his wife (and he hasn’t been married that long!), and that he would love, honor and cherish her.  Has ANYBODY considered whether she thinks this is just a little blip on the radar?  NOOOO, apparently not.  No doubt she’s being spun to high heaven on this…being in the political arena as she is.  But still, she is a wife who was dishonored, lied to, cheated on.  And that’s JUST his marriage.  I WONDER whether he’d cheat and lie in Washington?  Or to his constituents? On his taxes?  At GOLF (Oh I bet he would).  I know the answer to that one, people.  Yes, is the answer.  Yes! He IS a cheater.  He is what he is…as my dad would have said.

Therein lies the rub, as they say.  It’s a matter of CHARACTER!  It’s about INTEGRITY.  Either you have it in you to be a stone cold liar or you do not.  Clearly, Weiner has it in him to be a stone cold liar.  He lied to the one he loves the most in this world (theoretically), his wife!  Now, Ms. Constituent, WHAT makes you think he’s telling YOU the truth about what he REALLY does in the hallowed halls of Washington, the place where we need more people like him?  See?  Can you understand why I’m screaming inside my head on this one?

Now we’re going to REHAB.  Oh spare me.  Does anybody know the stats on successful rehabilitation for people like this???  Well the success rate is about 2%.  TWO!  And that’s if the people doing the stats are good at math and they follow…REALLY follow…their success stories for a while.  It’s about integrity; it’s about character.  You can’t ‘rehab’ that in.  It’s either there or it’s not.  Even Obama thinks he needs to go. Now that should tell you something.

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