Mothers’ Day

There are all kinds of mothers out there.  I wonder how many of us feel like we did things right.  I’d be willing to bet the thinking moms wonder…could I have done things better?

I realized one day that no baby is born with an instruction book.  I realized this when I was analyzing, maybe criticizing, my mother’s way of doing things.  Don’t we all think we’ll do things differently?  Don’t we all think we’ll make up for all of the shortcomings when we have our own children?  After a lot of prayer and meditation, I realized that my parents were raised by THEIR parents, and so on and so on, and none of my family records or stories say ANYTHING about instruction books popping out with the babies!  Parenting is largely trial and error, or going on what someone else’s mother tells us we ought to do.

In other words, our parents did the best they could, even if we don’t always approve.  And oh, by the way, OUR children have logged OUR shortcomings too.  In other words, it’s time to chill out and realize that there are NO perfect mothers, but I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll never find truer love than that of a mother toward her children…even if she’s not perfect in the expression of it.

So happy Mother’s Day, moms of the world.  I think you did a great job of being a mom…in fact, I’m pretty sure you did!

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