Social Security Changes and Age Discrimination in Hiring

I don’t know what to believe about anything I read or hear in the media, whether it be “social” or otherwise.  But it’s clear that there are some changes coming, and that there must be.  Face it.  There are not enough people paying in to the social security system to support the outflow.  That’s statistical reality folks.  Even if every young person working today gave up all of their paycheck, it wouldn’t be enough to support the current outflow. Add to that, the paychecks sent overseas, and you get the point.

Now, I don’t mind change.  But here’s an idea.  If there is income from another source coming in, such as retirement (military or otherwise), then I think social security could be adjusted accordingly.  How?  No clue.  Not my job.

And I know, “WE WORKED OUR WHOLE LIVES FOR THIS MONEY!”  I get that.  I did too.  But there isn’t a big old warehouse full of money.  It’s the money coming IN that pays the newly entitled social security recipients…like a Ponzi scheme.  If the money coming in doesn’t satisfy money going out, the whole thing collapses.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Bernie Madoff.

So something has to be done.  That’s our reality.

BUT if social security and other benefits for the aging are increasingly cut and age discrimination in hiring is allowed to continue, then we have a whole new entitlement group pulling on the existing WELFARE STATE.  That kind of defeats the purpose of revamping social security, now doesn’t it?

Everybody knows older people are discriminated against every single day in hiring; yet nobody wants to realize the emperor is naked.  Elderly employees are overlooked for promotions, payed wages much less than their younger counterparts, and thats IF they can get hired.  NOT easy to do.  So it really pisses me off when I hear more talk from the wealthy about cutting benefits for the aging, when the talking heads either condone or outright support and/or participate in age discrimination.

Pay attention to what’s coming down the pike.  Here’s another opportunity for a grand scheme that ultimately hurts the population.  How much are YOU paying for health care?  I rest my case.

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